Hot Weather Can Disrupt Your Psychology!

hot weather can break your psychology
hot weather can break your psychology

Anxiety and stress caused by the physical effects of extreme heat can trigger psychological problems. With the arrival of summer, increasing air temperatures combined with humidity can cause undesirable problems such as fatigue, heart palpitations, hot flashes, and high blood pressure. Near East University Hospital Psychiatry Department Specialist Psychologist Tuğçe Denizgil Evre says that these effects caused by hot weather also closely affect human psychology.

Rising temperatures trigger mental illnesses

Tuğçe Denizgil Evre, who said that increases in air temperature mostly cause anxiety disorders, stated that increases in humidity also create a feeling of uneasiness for those with panic disorder, and that the frequency of attacks may increase. Tuğçe Denizgil Evre, who says, “Summer months mean relaxation, sea or vacation for most people, is a time when anger management problems increase”, and that the researches show that many social events coincide with the summer period or hot weather, and the rate of crime is still higher. stressed that there was an increase in this period. Noting that many people can increase their alcohol or substance use when they go on vacation, Tuğçe Denizgil Evre also said that the holiday period can be quite risky for addicted people or patients who are in treatment, in terms of easy access to alcohol or drugs.

Increase in temperatures can cause sleep disturbances

Tuğçe Denizgil Evre said that sleep problems are one of the problems caused by hot weather, and that insufficient sleep brings with it feeling exhausted and tired and intolerance. Tuğçe Denizgil Evre said, “One of the most important psychiatric complaints experienced during the summer months is insomnia.” “Insomnia can trigger the manic episode of bipolar illness, which can be overbearing and lively. In addition, insomnia can lead to restlessness, irritability, intolerance and tension during the day. This can cause wear and tear in emotional, social and professional relationships.”

Recommendations for protection from the effects of temperatures

Tuğçe Denizgil Evre said that when fluid consumption is not enough in the summer, body electrolyte balance may deteriorate due to excessive sweating, and behaviors such as weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, reluctance, as well as quick anger may increase. Tuğçe Denizgil Evre said, “More attention should be paid to fluid consumption in summer in order to minimize the negative effects that may be experienced. Comfortable clothes to be preferred in hot weather can make the body feel more comfortable and reduce stress. It should be our primary goal to reduce the effects of the heat felt and to adapt. Since constantly focusing on negative automatic thoughts will increase the stress experienced, the main goal for people should be to control stress. In addition, you should create times that can be enjoyed in the evening, and you should relax by performing activities that cannot be done during the day due to the heat.”

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