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Sayginlar Logistics, When we ask for an expert in this region! Road transportation activities carried out to Ukraine are among the routes in international transportation in Turkey. The development of trade between the two countries has led to an increase in shipping business. In the field of transport and in Ukraine transport services, our country provides the needs in the field of transport. Due to some problems experienced today, there may be some restrictions on transportation to Ukraine. However, there have been updates in the shipping area. Based on this, we generally prefer import cargoes to Iraq, Iran, Syria for our Ukrainian cargo transportations. Transportation time to Ukraine is 3-4 days.

Road transport is affected by political and economic developments between countries. Based on this, our country included  Ukraine shipping they did not take kindly to road transport in their services. Instead, combined transportation services are provided with sea freight. However, this situation causes a delay in the shipping time to Ukraine, but provides a reliable transportation service. Currently, 80% of transports are made by road to Ukraine. From the port of Odessa to all cities such as kiev and kharkov.

How to Carry out Frigo Shipping to Ukraine (Thermoking)

Transit transportation from Turkey to Ukraine is carried out with the vehicle fleets of Ukraine refrigerated transport companies. Cargo is transported under insurance assurance through connections between our country and Ukraine. Ukraine transport services in our country are as follows. Ukraine partial transportation, Ukraine full tarpaulin transportation, Ukraine frigo There are transportation works and applications in the form of transportation. In our country, Ukrainian freight forwarding takes place to the cities of Mariupol, Kiev, Sevastopol and all Ukrainian cities. There is CMR insurance to cover damages and negativities in Ukraine shipments. Partial transportation services are available on certain days in Ukraine shipments. Sayginlar Nakliyat has refrigerated self-owned vehicles.

our Country Ukraine shipping Transportation services made with the company are mostly in the form of automotive, food, spare parts, white goods, electronics, iron and steel, textile, furniture, building materials. In the transportation service, the drivers of the Ukraine refrigerated transportation vehicles carry out freight transportation with a Schengen visa. For the timely delivery of refrigerated cargo in Ukraine refrigerated transportation, there are trailers of vehicle fleets in the right proportion to the technology. With equipped fleets, refrigerated transportation is provided to all cities with Ukraine Kiev Center.

Ukraine Partial Shipping

In order to meet the demands of our country in its services, it provides safe parts and material handling logistics. Ukraine partial In transportation services, cargo and materials are safely delivered to the transportation point. Regions such as Mariupol, Kiev, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Lviv are the regions where partial loads go the most.

Along with the partial routes of Ukraine, the transportation of all kinds of partial cargoes with private vehicle fleets in our country is carried out. Based on this, documents and document support are also provided for the transactions at the partial shipping customs points. Ukraine partial transport highway routes are as follows; Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine. Ukraine partial shipping maritime routes; Zonguldak, Samsun, Haydarpaşa port, Odessa port - Simferopol port and Ecuador. You can get service in this field from Saygınlar company.

Development and Importance of Logistics Activities in Ukraine – Turkey

Logistics is a concept that has gained a very important place in today's business world as well as in the military literature and has been used since the depths of history. This concept began to be used very frequently at the beginning of the 20th century and entered the commercial literature in the 1960s. Rapid developments in the world and increasing competition; In order to satisfy consumer needs, the need to reach the first material and material, stocks in the process, the product or related information from the point of origin to the point of final consumption in an efficient and minimized way has arisen. The solution that can meet this requirement is defined around the concept of logistics.


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