Seven Rules for Safe Online Gaming

seven rules for safe online gaming
seven rules for safe online gaming

ESET experts shared tips for kids, teens and online gamers to be on the safe side of the playground.

Collaborating or playing games with strangers, whom they only know by nicknames, brings risks for children and young gamers. Unfortunately, it is common for malicious people to infiltrate games and game groups. Online attackers often want to hijack players' accounts, including credit card information. It should not be overlooked that there may be people who engage in behaviors that can be called cyberbullying and will try all means to discourage others from playing a game. ESET experts have summarized the things that need to be considered in order for children to play online safely in seven points;

Buy your games

Downloading the latest games for free can be tempting, but it comes with a significant risk. As seen many times before, direct links or torrent files of “free versions” of popular games often lead to infected files that are deliberately spread by malicious actors.

Update and use patch

Whether playing on a smartphone, tablet or a powerful computer, gamers should always keep their devices up to date. This need for updates also applies to other programs such as the operating system, the game client (like Steam or Origin), the games themselves, and browsers.

Use a security solution

Gaming devices should always be properly protected with a reliable security solution that can detect and block malicious attacks, detect dangerous connections, and safely remove hacking malware. Many of today's solutions have a game mode that prevents distractions, so you don't have to worry about lags or interruptions during gameplay.

Use strong passwords and 2FA

Entering guessed passwords is something attackers are very good at. Therefore, keeping passwords long and strong can make a huge difference. Reliable password managers can also help gamers better protect themselves, as they can generate and securely store all their secret codes in one place. Players should also enable two-factor authentication, as this will prevent hacking attempts even if attackers guess the correct password.

don't cheat

Cheats can make the game easier, but they also ruin everyone's experience and expose the player to various threats.

Avoid questionable offers

If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't. This is within the basic rules of the digital world. Many players have been lured into traps by false affection with promises of free spins or specials, and then have to pay the price.

Choose age-appropriate games

As the parent, you need to be the controller when choosing a safe play environment for your child. You can browse the recommendations on age appropriateness in the expert forums or recommendations.

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