Samsun West Ring Road Project to Be Tendered in 2022

To Be Tendered in Samsun West Ring Road Project
To Be Tendered in Samsun West Ring Road Project

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that the Western Ring Road project will be tendered in 2022 and it will be a very important investment for the city. Expressing that the Smart City Traffic Safety project is also in the center of attention of other cities, Mayor Demir emphasized that the transportation arteries of the City Hospital are planned.

The opening meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council for June was held today. 35 items were discussed in the assembly held in Ömer Halisdemir Meeting Hall. Speaking at the assembly, where the agenda items were evaluated one by one, President Mustafa Demir said, "In the past months, Samsun was in the first place in the number of cases. This was due to the number of tests. Now it is exemplary in Turkey. The pandemic is in decline. We will have overcome this process once the vaccination has reached a certain level. The whole world is going through a very different process. He fights big. Hopefully, we will be the second country in economic growth after China in the exit from the pandemic. In this regard, there is a growth in Samsun above the Turkey average. The fact that it is a center in industry, commerce and tourism, as well as the contribution of government investments, "he said.


Reminding that they signed the Smart City Traffic Safety project, President Mustafa Demir said, “The signing ceremony made a sound in Turkey. Currently, it is in the center of attention of other cities. We are making preparations. We will start implementing it in a planned way. Since sub-institutions will also have work, we planned them as well. We also made evaluations with the General Manager of Highways. In addition, the city hospital is under construction. We planned the transportation arteries of the place until the end. We are trying to have the program done by the Ministry of Transport with the protocol between the Ministries of Health and Transport. Hopefully we will achieve this. When the city hospital is finished, the transportation network will also be completed.


Mentioning the blockage at the junction between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and Ankara Road, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “There is congestion at that junction at peak hours. They are working on regulation to solve the traffic density caused by the intersection. Our project about the boulevard is ready. We increase its width to 40 meters. There will be more regular and fluent traffic. We will implement the zoning work in Atakum and deliver the West Ring Road project to the General Directorate of Highways. We will have started the work to include it in the investment program for 2022. We plan to tender it in 2022. It will be a very important investment for Samsun,” he said.


Stating that SASKİ and the Department of Science Affairs continue their field investments and studies intensively, President Demir said:

“We are building 4 concrete plants. We will produce our own concrete. We will buy mixers in 15 pieces. At the cost point, it will be 3/1 of the procurement by tender. When the power plants are established, we will have the opportunity to go further. We will have a very busy schedule this year and next year. With Taflan and Çatalçam, we will carry the road investments in industrial zones to a very good place. We plan to start work on the Mert river in 2022. In addition, we will implement our lithium battery electric bus project together with ASELSAN. It will become widespread throughout Turkey. Its operating cost is very low, zero waste to the environment, high comfort.”

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