Devr-i Alem Fight Kick Boxing Organization Gala Held in Istanbul

revolution i alem fight kick boxing organization premiere was held in istanbul
revolution i alem fight kick boxing organization premiere was held in istanbul

Valuable kickboxers with world, European and Turkish degrees came to the ring with Devr-i Alem Fight Kick Boxing Organization. At the gala, organized by Astajans, excellent matches were broadcast with fierce competition. On Saturday, June 12, at 21.00, the night that took place at Istanbul Küçükçekmece Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Sports Center with the live broadcast of Acun Medya – TV8,5, the sports fans satiated with the matches.

Compared to the usual activities, the Revolutionary World Fight Organization; It appeared before the audience with 18 match under the age of 1, 2 women's matches, fierce struggles and a total of 9 professional matches.

Astajans, which organizes dozens of outdoor sports, cultural and entertainment events, has also put its signature under a magnificent organization in the sports community.

Stating that a team of nearly 150 people took part in the Gala, Fatih AŞCI, the Organizer of Revolutionary Fight, Astajans and Astglobal Chairman of the Board, said, "Our next events will continue as a series, and we will meet sports lovers with a different concept compared to standard organizations. Athletes who have achieved degrees but whose names have not yet been heard and who compete in real terms will take their places in our rings. In this context, we will add young and new talents to the community. While doing these, we will never compromise on quality. We will carry our country's kick boxing community to the top of the world leagues. For real kickboxing matches, the audience should follow us," he said.

Valuable kickboxers, famous names, trainers, referees and spectators attended the night.

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