Renewed Suzuki GSX-S1000 Coming to Turkey in September!

renewed suzuki gsx in turkey in september
renewed suzuki gsx in turkey in september

The strongest member of the GSX family, the most performance series of the Suzuki motorcycle product range, the GSX-S1000 has been renewed. Suzuki GSX-S1000, which has a more striking and more agile appearance than ever before, meets its users with its new image that extends from the tracks to the streets.

The GSX-S1000, which has a more agile and more aggressive design with its new hexagonal LED headlights, muscular engine area appearance and carbon fiber coatings, enables unique driving experiences with its powerful, safe and yet lightweight compact chassis.

The GSX-S1000, which adapts to different road conditions from daily urban use to the most winding sports trips, is used with 3 different driving modes thanks to the high-tech product "Suzuki Intelligent Driving Systems". Taking its power from the new 999 cc engine, which offers super sports performance adapted to the road, the GSX-S1000 is accepted as the road version of the track king GSX-R1000.

Offering much more torque at lower revs with its renewed engine, the motorcycle responds much more quickly to sudden accelerations. GSX-S1000; It meets motorcycle enthusiasts with 3 different color options: Metallic Triton Blue, Glossy Matte Gray and Glossy Black. The renewed GSX-S1000 will meet motorcycle enthusiasts in Turkey in September through Doğan Trend Automotive, the only distributor of Suzuki in our country.

Suzuki, one of the leading brands of the motorcycle world, has updated the GSX-S2015, the striking motorcycle of the naked class, which it produced for the first time in 1000, with its new design, agile chassis and superior Suzuki technologies. Offering a more controlled, more agile and stronger structure, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 has been renewed to bring the most exciting driving experiences to the streets. In this context, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 appeals to everyone who ideally wants daily urban use, long-distance driving and sporty driving with lots of curves. In addition to its remarkable design details and 1000 cc engine power and performance, the renewed GSX-S999 raises the bar and its claim with state-of-the-art ride control systems. Also GSX-S1000; In addition to its robustness, it also distinguishes itself from its class counterparts with its light and compact chassis. GSX-S1000, which activates motorcycle enthusiasts with the colors it offers; Known as Suzuki's brand symbol, the main color is Metallic Triton Blue (YSF), the newly developed Glossy Matte Mechanical Gray (QT7) and Gloss Luminous Black (YVB) are preferred with three different body color options. The renewed GSX-S1000 will be available for sale in Turkey next September through Doğan Trend Otomotiv, the sole distributor of Suzuki.

Its design is aggressive and yet contemporary!

Refreshed Suzuki GSX S

In the design of the GSX-S1000, where comprehensive computer analysis and clay modeling processes were applied meticulously; strong, sporty and agile structure is clearly reflected. In the first place, the radical hexagonal Koito LED headlight design stands out by integrating with the stylish front view. The elegant fairing surrounding the headlight design is reminiscent of the sharp lines applied on Suzuki's GP race bikes, as well as on the next generation of fighter jets. The compact front of the motorcycle, combined with the short muffler and tail design, highlights the muscular build in the engine area. The dual-lens LED taillights further emphasize the sleek lines of the compact tail. The new Suzuki logos on the 1000-liter fuel tank of the GSX-S19 and the model number labels on the side body also support the dynamic nature of the GSX-S1000 with its modern image. On the partial surfaces, such as the side sections of the general skeleton, there are patterns covered with a carbon fiber-like structure developed to further strengthen the perception of quality. The GSX-S logo also shines on the motorcycle's specially designed key grip. Independent seats for the driver and passenger support the sporty look and contribute to long-distance comfort.

Renewed engine compatible with all conditions, excess torque value at every revolution

The updated GSX-S1000 features a 999 cc four-stroke DOHC liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine that delivers super sports performance. Inheriting the DNA of the multi-victory Suzuki GSX-R1000; Adapted to road uses, it also incorporates advanced technologies developed for MotoGP races. The high-performance engine, optimized according to the Naked motorcycle characteristics, adapts to both sporty and daily riding requirements. It allows a smooth and fluid power production especially at low and medium revs. Innovations in the engine's camshaft, valve springs, clutch and exhaust system provide more balanced performance and fulfill Euro 5 emission standards. Compared to the previous generation, the new engine of the GSX-S1000 offers much more torque at lower revs. This value provides a quicker response to sudden acceleration requests while cruising at low speed. At the same time, the engine offers a lively driving feeling with its high torque production in the middle and upper rev band. The new engine, which gives more confidence at high speeds, is also supported by many electronic control technologies, including driving modes. While the driver controls the engine's power output with these modes, the torque level available when accelerating is adapted to the driving style. Thus, different driving characteristics can be obtained on the same road. 999-hole long-nosed injectors are used in each throttle body of the 10 cc engine. Efficiency and performance are maximized with the contribution of the optimized injection system. The suction sound, on the other hand, is kept the same in the engine of the GSX-S1000, while simultaneously improving the sound quality. The motor gears, on which the rolling method is applied, show more resistance against wear and cracking. Looking at the exhaust structure of the engine; The "compact 5-4-2 exhaust system" with Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system, catalytic converter and repositioned muffler that helps to meet Euro 1 emission standards, provides an advantage.

The new generation grip increases comfort even more!

The slip clutch in the previous generation of the GSX-S1000 reaches its peak with the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS). As part of the system, the slip clutch is occasionally disengaged to reduce negative engine torque and reduce engine braking effect when downshifting at high RPM. Thus, while preventing the wheel from locking, a smoother deceleration is provided. While the driver downshifts more confidently, he also enters corners with more control. This assist also increases the clutch force of the clutch during acceleration. Thus, torque is transferred efficiently to the rear wheel and the use of soft springs is ensured. The driver also increases driving comfort by using the clutch lever with a light touch during heavy stop-starts.

Intelligent driving provides “Active, Basic and Comfort” modes

The GSX-S1000 is equipped with the advanced electronics of the Suzuki Intelligent Drive System (SIRS). The Suzuki Driving Mode Selector (SDMS) included in the system offers 3 modes for different driving conditions. Among these modes, Mode A (Active), which provides the sharpest response when the driver opens the throttle, allows sporty driving on the track or winding forest roads. Mode B (Basic), which provides confidence in daily use, has the same maximum power generation and allows the system to respond more smoothly to gas orders. While Mode C (Comfort) still has the same maximum power output, its smooth throttle response and limited torque production when the throttle is opened provide a comfortable and controlled ride in adverse road conditions such as wet or slippery surfaces.

Other systems within the scope of Suzuki Intelligent Driving System; Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) supports driving safety while reducing stress and fatigue on the driver. The new electronic throttle also benefits from a compact and lightweight construction. The bidirectional fast shifting system (on/off) provides faster and smoother upshifts and downshifts without using the clutch lever. The Suzuki Easy Start System, on the other hand, allows the driver to start the engine by pressing the start button without pulling the clutch lever. Suzuki's updated Low RPM Assist, along with the SCAS function, also assists with smoother starts.

LCD display with more functions

Suzuki GSX-S1000 increases driving pleasure with its electronic equipment. The brightness-adjustable LCD instrument panel, which provides all the information necessary for driving, is presented to the driver's view with special graphics and an easy-to-read design with blue backlight. LCD screen; speed, rpm, lap time mode, clock, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, battery voltage, odometer, dual trip odometer (EU), traction control mode, maintenance reminder, gear position, SDMS mode, water temperature, Quick Shift (ON) /OFF), displaying range and fuel gauge information. The LED warning lights surrounding the screen, on the other hand, transmit signals, high beam, neutral gear, malfunction, main warning, ABS, traction control system, low voltage warning, coolant temperature and oil pressure information to the driver with easy visibility.

The GSX-S1000's compact chassis is more agile, lighter!


The Suzuki GSX-S1000 offers its rider a compact, agile and lightweight chassis that makes it both agile and fun to drive. With this structure, the chassis adapts to daily urban uses, sporty excursions and performance track experiences. The most optimally positioned wishbone, suspension settings, handlebars, fuel tank and tires offer the driver the most ideal driving position. The chassis of the GSX-S1000 also complements the harmony and harmony between the engine and the advanced controls of the Suzuki Intelligent Drive System (SIRS). Twin-beam aluminum frame with straight main tube from handlebar head to swingarm pivot provides rigidity and lightness for agile ride and superior handling. The aluminum alloy rear swingarm, adapted from the GSX-R 1000 supersport model, reflects a design that is compatible with high performance. The grips, which were made 23 mm wider as a result of the tests, and the renewed handlebars with a slight upward inclination, increase the sporty ride. Along with these features, the renewed seat design also contributes to the upright driving position. The slim body and narrow knee area, together with a seat height of 810 mm, help the rider to put their feet on the ground easily. Among the other chassis features of the renewed GSX-S43 are the adjustable KYB inverted front fork with a diameter of 1000 mm, which provides a sporty but smooth ride, and the adjustable link rear suspension that supports balanced and agile driving.

Tires take sporty driving to the top

On the renewed Suzuki GSX-S 1000, Dunlop's new Roadsport 120 tires, 70/17ZR190 at the front and 50/17ZR2 at the rear, offer maximum sports performance. The tires, which exhibit superior handling compared to the previous D214 tires, provide a higher level of strength with the "Ultra Flexible Steel Seamless Belt" layer in the carcass. The tire with optimized tread pattern achieves higher grip limits on wet surfaces. New silica components also increase wear resistance. The tires, which are compatible with the front and rear suspension settings, do not miss the comfort along with the grip, balance and agile handling required for sportive performance. In addition, 6-spoke cast aluminum wheels complete the contribution to the sporty look. The Brembo signature, 4-piston calipers and 310 mm diameter double disc front brake supports driving safety with the ABS braking system.

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