Porsche History and Models

Porsche History and Models
Porsche History and Models

Dr. eng. hc F. Porsche AG, shortly Porsche AG or simply Porsche, is a sports car company founded in Stuttgart in 1947 by Ferdinand Porsche's son Ferry Porsche. The first models were the Porsche 1948, which was released in 356. Ferdinand helped his son design the Porsche 356 and died in 1951.

Historical Development of Porsche, being one of the oldest brands in automotive history, Porsche is also among the top quality sports car manufacturers of today. Ferdinand Porsche, who was born on September 1875, 3, started to work as an apprentice with his father after completing his education at the vocational school. The vehicle, which has electric and gasoline engines, prepared by Ferdinand, a young engineer at the age of 25, suddenly gained great fame. kazanIt is accepted as the beginning of the development process of the brand.

Porsche speedster


Ferdinand, who worked in technical manager, developer and similar managerial positions in many successful automotive companies for the following 48 years, launched the Porsche 1948, the first sports car bearing his name, in 356. KG returned to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and mass production of the model began in 1950, when the date showed January 30, 1951, the founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche, passed away.

porsche emory

The company, which took the first place in LeMans with the 356 SL model in the same year, also became the focus of international attention. Introduced in 1953 at the Paris Auto Show, the biggest automotive event of the time, the 550 Spyder model was appreciated for its lightness and agility, while dozens of successes were achieved in the following years. kazanwill work.

Porsche Spyder maine

In 1956, as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, the ten thousandth Porsche 356 is produced. The 550 A Spyder produced at this time registered its quality by being the first in all classifications in the Targa Florio race.

In 1965, the Porsche 911 Targa was introduced with the slogan “Safe Cabriolet” as a response to the safety measures that may occur in convertible-style vehicles. The car, which suddenly attracted attention with its ergonomic features and superior safety equipment compared to similar vehicles, reached intense sales figures.

Porsche Targa
Porsche Targa

The 70's was the time when the brand reached its pinnacle. The company, which registered the Makkes World Championship in 1970 with nine separate championships, became one of the most talked about names with its success in LeMans.

The model 1974 Turbo with exhaust turbocharger and pressure regulator, which was produced in order to be least affected by the oil crisis that broke out in 911, is presented to the world. On the 911th anniversary of the first 25 model produced by the company, the 911 Carrera 4 model, prepared with the four-wheel drive system, is presented. The following year, the 911 Carrera with the first tiptronic transmission system will be introduced.

Porsche race
Porsche race

In 1991, due to the increasing safety concerns all over the world, Porsche became the first company in Germany to use the airbag in both the driver and front passenger seats as standard in all its models. In addition, the company, which makes it possible to experience the passion for speed in a healthier way compared to its peers with the brake and additional safety systems that are constantly being developed, continues to receive positive comments from many authorities.

By the 2000s, the company has become one of the pioneers of performance and quality. While the engine volume and the torque provided increased, the company, which carried out extensive studies in the field of fuel consumption and waste gas released to the nature, was awarded by many research companies in Europe and America. The nature-friendly attitude of the vehicles produced by the company has also attracted the attention of customers who are important in this field and significantly increased its sales figures.

Porsche Panamera

The brand, which is admired for its standard five-door models as well as double-seat sports cars, has increased its success in the family vehicle sector in European countries, although it is not common in our country due to high tax levels. Celebrating the 2009th birthday of its founder in 100, the company took the luxury sports car concept to a whole new level with the Porsche Panamera model.

Porsche Models 

Models currently in production 

porsche thai

  • Porsche Taycan (2019-Present)
  • Porsche 918 Spyder (2013-Present)
  • Porsche Boxster (1996-Present)
  • Porsche Cayman (2006-Present)
  • Porsche 911 (1964-Present)
  • Porsche Panamera (2010-Present)
  • Porsche Cayenne (2004-Present)
  • Porsche 911 GT3

Discontinued Models

Porsche Carrera GT

  • Porsche 356 (1948-1965)
  • Porsche 550 Spyder (1953-1957)
  • Porsche 912 (1965-1969)
  • Porsche 914 (1969-1975)
  • Porsche 924 (1976-1988)
  • Porsche 928 (1978-1995)
  • Porsche 944 (1982-1991)
  • Porsche 959 (1986-1988)
  • Porsche 968 (1992-1995)
  • Porsche Carrera GT (2004-2006)

racing models 

Porsche RS Spyder

  • Porsche 64
  • Porsche 360 ​​Cisitalia
  • Porsche Spyder 550
  • Porsche 718
  • Porsche 804
  • Porsche 904
  • Porsche 906
  • Porsche 907
  • Porsche 908
  • Porsche 909 Bergspyder
  • Porsche 910
  • Porsche 911
  • Porsche 911 GT1
  • Porsche 911 GT2
  • Porsche 911 GT3
  • Porsche 914
  • Porsche 917
  • Porsche 918 RSR
  • Porsche 934
  • Porsche 935
  • Porsche 936
  • Porsche 924
  • Porsche 944
  • Porsche 956
  • Porsche 959
  • Porsche 961
  • Porsche-March 89P
  • Porsche RS Spyder

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