Pezük Participated in the Training of Railway Personnel

pezuk participated in the training of railway personnel
pezuk participated in the training of railway personnel

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, paid a study visit to the Eskişehir Railway Training and Exam Center Directorate.

Pezuk, who received information about educational activities; wagon technician, mechanic, train formation officer, etc. participated in active personnel trainings.

Underlining that they are a part of a well-established organization with 165 years of knowledge and experience, Pezük stated in his speech here that railway transportation is carried out within the framework of international rules, and that in-service trainings are of great importance in this sense, "It is important for my railwaymen, who work at all levels, to internalize the 'safety culture' and It is of great importance to establish a system where personnel cannot bend the rules.” said.

Stating that they will continue the trainings systematically by adopting lifelong learning as a principle, Pezük said: “We will do whatever needs to be done at the point of the human element to work with zero error. Wherever we are lacking, we will immediately take the necessary measures to remedy it. We will ensure that the managers and colleagues in the field make safety a way of life while performing their duties in a healthy coordination. We attach importance to the contribution of the punishment and reward system, as well as training and supervision, in establishing a safety culture.”




    1. Since the torpedo managers assigned to the institution do not know the function of the institution, there are disruptions in the management.. It is possible to understand every system of the enterprise in at least 15 years.. Therefore, the managers should not come from outside or they should go through 2 years of training like the trainees... Knowing the job is the duty of every employee.