Mucilage Increased Interest in Villas with Pools

mucilage increased interest in villas with pools
mucilage increased interest in villas with pools

Mucilage, which affected Marmara, also changed holiday preferences. While interest in the Mediterranean and Aegean is increasing, those who are afraid of swimming turned to villas with pools.

Marmara is not wanted

Providing information about the effect of mucilage on tourism, Real Estate Consultant Evrim Kırmızıtaş Başaran said, “Musilage is seen in many cities in the Marmara Region such as Istanbul, Balıkesir, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Çanakkale, Tekirdağ. Although the cleaning works have started now, experts say that it will not be easy. For this reason, there has been a decrease in summer rentals in these regions. "People want to get away from the mucilage areas," he said.

Mediterranean is preferred

Stating that holidaymakers are more interested in the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts than in the Marmara region, Başaran said, “As mucilage started to appear in the Marmara, the interest shifted to the Mediterranean and Aegean. They started to avoid renting in Marmara. Even those who have a summer residence in Marmara prefer to go to different regions this year,” he said.

The pool is a must

Noting that those who want to take a vacation during the coronavirus period rented villas, Başaran said, “The interest in villas has increased for two years already due to the corona virus. Thus, families wanted to have a holiday without mixing with the crowd. With mucilage, it has become more important whether these villas have a pool or not. Especially for the summer houses in Marmara, a pool is a must.”

Up to $20

Başaran said the following about the prices of the villas: “The price of the house varies according to many facilities such as rooms, number of beds, pool, garden, terrace, view, sauna. However, for a family of four, it starts from 500 TL per day and goes up to 10.000 TL. In the ultra luxury category, there are houses up to 20.000 TL. There may be discounts for long-term reservations.

Noting that they are asked mostly about rental villas in Bodrum, Başaran said, “Bodrum, especially Yalıkavak, Gündoğan, Gümüşlük and Bitez, attracts great attention. Couples, families, rude relatives or groups of friends can choose a villa for themselves.

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