Moscow Signs Cooperation Agreement with the National Payment Card System

Moscow signed a cooperation agreement with the national payment card system
Moscow signed a cooperation agreement with the national payment card system

On June 4, at SPIEF'21 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin and General Director of the National Payment Card System (operator of the MIR payment system) Vladimir Komlev signed a cooperation agreement.

The agreement envisions increasing the efficiency of existing cashless payment tools for MIR cards, cooperation in the development of innovative payment methods such as Face Pay and other modern technologies, and collaboration within the unified mobile MaaSplatform. Collaboration with the National Payment Cards System will also contribute to the realization of the “virtual” Troika smart card to be placed on smartphones.

We will develop new transportation payment services with the MIR payment system. We will be able to use MIR payment system technologies, for example, when implementing the Troika virtual smart card, which can be stored on the phone, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said.

Given the expansion of the Troika smart card to other regions, not only Muscovites will receive all the updates and the most convenient payment methods.

It was reported earlier that Sergey Sobyanin signed a cooperation agreement with the heads of the Leningrad Region and the Khabarovsk Region to integrate the Troika into transport systems. The Troika smart card is already available and expanding its geography in the cities of the Moscow Region, Tula Region, Yaroslavl Region, Perm Region, Ulyanovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. According to the Ministry of Transport, the adoption of Moscow's ticketing system will allow regions to provide convenient fares and discounts to passengers, analyze passenger behavior to quickly configure route networks, integrate museums and entertainment facilities into transport payment systems, reduce queues at ticket offices by 40%. Troika holders can use their cards in any region where the system is available. Currently, more than 40 regions of Russia have expressed interest in adopting Moscow's ticketing system.

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