Mitsubishi Electric Develops Sustainable Technologies For A Green Planet

mitsubishi electric develops sustainable technologies for a green planet
mitsubishi electric develops sustainable technologies for a green planet

Mitsubishi Electric, which has been developing pioneering technologies in many different fields of activity from home to space for 100 years; works for a sustainable world with its energy efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative products and services. Mitsubishi Electric, which has been working for a century to improve the quality of life of societies around the world with the spirit of Changes for the Better; It develops pioneering technologies in many areas from factory automation systems to industrial and collaborative advanced robot technologies, from CNC mechatronic systems to elevators and escalators, from air conditioners to fresh air devices, from data center cooling systems to monitoring and management systems.

Saying that the environment is always a priority in his innovative works that break grounds and see the future from today, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Şevket Saraçoğlu shared the following on June 5th World Environment Day: “We have worked with our responsibility to future generations in the past 100 years. Our company turned its attention to environmentally sensitive production techniques years before environmental awareness became a serious problem in the early 1960s. Today, as a green company, we are conducting studies aimed at reducing carbon emissions, creating a society based on recycling, adapting to nature while respecting biological diversity, and increasing environmental awareness. "Mitsubishi Electric, which celebrates the 2021th anniversary of its start-up in Japan in 100, always keeps the environment at the top of its agenda while working to improve the quality of life of societies around the world."

"We protect air, land and water resources with our hearts and technologies"

Saraçoğlu pointed out that the way to remain a world giant for another century in the future is through sustainability; “Our company, which works to develop technologies that conserve energy with smart solutions and contribute to the formation of a society that produces energy, is working towards the protection of the environment with the Environmental Sustainability Vision 2021, which focuses on a long period of April 2050 and beyond. We express our vision as "To protect the air, land and water resources with our hearts and technologies in order to offer a better future for everyone." In this direction, we are implementing critical practices to create a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society that lives in harmony with nature. This is our vision; It is based on the Three Principles of Environmental Action, which are listed as 'applying different technologies in various business areas to solve environmental problems', 'developing and implementing business innovations for future generations' and 'sharing new values ​​and lifestyles with the community'. Within the scope of the action plan, we use different technological resources in various business areas in order to solve climate change, resource recycling and environmental problems in the entire value chain, and we also work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals determined by the United Nations globally between 2016 and 2030. Among these goals, "Cheap and Clean Energy", that is, "Providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all", is one of the areas where we focus the most… In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have also started to organize trainings within the company. We aim to inform our colleagues about the sustainable future and to make this understanding a corporate culture ”.

"We are an assertive solution partner with our highly energy efficient solutions"

Stating that as Mitsubishi Electric they always proceed with the philosophy of 'Change for the Better', Saraçoğlu stated that they made a difference not only with the technology, reliability and quality of their products but also in environmental awareness. “As in the world, we stand out with our highly energy-efficient solutions in all sectors in which we operate from 'home to space' in Turkey. We are an assertive solution partner in the fields of air conditioning, automation, elevator and escalator systems for environmentally friendly buildings, factories and infrastructure projects in Turkey. We also take part in projects in life such as Marmaray, which has the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world, and offer high added value in the field of energy efficiency. "We apply a controlled energy management system in buildings such as shopping malls, skyscrapers and hospitals that need very high levels of energy."

"We offer fast, efficient and environmentally friendly production."

Stating that they see the use of raw materials more efficiently, making energy management much more planned and realizing environmentally friendly production as their top priority in the new industrial phase, Saraçoğlu; “As Mitsubishi Electric, we provide significant energy savings in businesses and projects with our energy efficient and environmentally friendly factory automation products. With e-Factory, our digital factory concept, which is Mitsubishi Electric's answer to Industry 4.0, we offer factories much faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly production. "E-Factory, which provides very serious cost savings in production and uses advanced technologies to optimize all factory layers from management to production floor, contributes to businesses being one step ahead in both global competition and environmentally friendly production."

"We reduce carbon emissions with the principle of high technology and low energy"

Stating that in the field of residential, office and industrial air conditioning systems, they offer a seamless product range that will provide maximum energy saving with an environmentally friendly approach until the system completes its life cycle. “We act with the principle of high technology and low energy. In this direction, we are one of the first brands to use the high energy efficiency R-32 gas, which is in line with the targets of the European Union's new Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F-Gas) Regulation. In fact, because it is a natural fluid that exists in the environment in its pure form, we are working to design carbon dioxide fluid systems that do not have any negative effects on the environment and are used more widely. In this way, we aim to increase efficiency by using less refrigerant, limit carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. We draw attention with a recycling rate of up to 94 percent in the field of air conditioning, ”he said.

"We quickly adapt to changing conditions to protect the environment"

Stating that millions of people started to work and receive education remotely with the pandemic, and that large amounts of data were released all over the world; “While the cooling process in the centers where data is processed and stored is of great importance for the security of the systems, the low amount of energy used in these enterprises is indispensable for the protection of the environment. We have developed cooling systems that allow easy operation with our flexible and fast modular MULTIDENSITY product without sacrificing reliability in the field of data center cooling, where energy efficiency and uninterruptedness are of great importance. We are excited to be the first in the industry with the environmentally friendly, low global warming factor (GWP) refrigerant that we use in the s-MEXT precision controlled air conditioning products.

"We are working with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by more than 2050 percent by 80"

Within the scope of “Climate Change Measures” which is one of the most important issues that the company focuses on globally; Stating that they will expand renewable energy activities as well as high level energy-saving products, systems and services in cooperation with their stakeholders, Şevket Saraçoğlu concluded: “Adhering to long-term goals based on international agreements, from raw material purchase to production, from sales to distribution, from use to recycling We support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain. We are currently working with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 2030 percent by 30 and by more than 2050 percent by 80. "We support the process of recycling resources, such as the recycling and repair of products as well as the reduction of waste, and we aim to ensure 100 percent effective use of wastes such as plastic generated during production," he said.

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