Miraculous Benefits of Black Mulberry

miraculous benefits of black mulberry
miraculous benefits of black mulberry

Liv Hospital Ulus Diet and Nutrition Specialist Esra Şahin talked about the benefits of black mulberry, which strengthens immunity and does not contain cholesterol.

Provides rapid weight loss

With only 100 Kcal per 44 grams, black mulberry is a great choice among summer fruits with its low calories. It keeps blood sugar stable due to its low fruit sugar. With its high fiber content, it prevents constipation and supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

Fights against diseases

There are about 100 milligrams of vitamin C in 10 grams of black mulberry. Vitamin C is one of our most important weapons to protect from Covid-19. That's why black mulberry is a great source of vitamin C for us to protect our immunity with the arrival of summer and the decrease of bans. Black mulberry prevents diabetes and eliminates anemia.

Rejuvenates and beautifies

Vitamin C and iron in its content relieves fatigue and makes the skin soft and shiny. The flavonoids that give black mulberry its purple-black color are anti-aging. It goes without saying that black mulberry plays an important role in protecting oral and dental health with the calcium it contains.

Prevents cancer with its antioxidant content

Black mulberry protects the body from the risk of developing many types of cancer, and supports the healing of existing diseases. Thanks to its strong antioxidant properties and its ability to fight free radicals that can block our arteries, blood finds the opportunity to circulate comfortably in our body.

Destroys cholesterol and protects heart health

Black mulberry with 0 cholesterol content prevents the formation of blood fats due to its high fiber content and very low sugar content. Thanks to the vitamins A, B, C, E and K in its content, it regulates the blood cholesterol level, balances blood pressure and prevents clotting. Thus, it prevents serious heart and vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

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