Light Appeared in Terzili Tunnel in Ordu Ring Road Project

light appeared in the tailor tunnel of the army ring road project

Work continues uninterruptedly on the second phase of the Ordu Ring Road, the first phase of which was completed and put into service in 2019. in this part of the project.

and the light appeared in the Terzili Tunnel, which was difficult to construct due to geological conditions. In the tunnel, where the excavation and support works on both tubes were completed, 692 meters of inner coating concrete was made. Thanks to the tunnel with a total length of 1.180 meters, the narrow strait on the route will be relieved.

With the completion of the Ordu Ring Road, traffic congestion will be eliminated and road users will be provided with uninterrupted and comfortable transportation services. The project, which will significantly reduce the exhaust emissions, will connect the residential areas in the west of the city and giant projects such as the Airport, Ordu University and the City Hospital under construction with the city center; will contribute to the increase of social and economic vitality.

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