LGS Central Exam Results Announced

lgs central exam results announced
lgs central exam results announced

The results of the central exam held on 6 June within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS) were announced. Candidates can post their exam results on the website of the Ministry of National Education. result.meb.gov.tr they will be able to see

As last year, LGS exam results and “Central Examination Evaluation Report” were published this year as well.

In the report, which is the 16th in the Series of Education Analysis and Evaluation Reports and directed by Deputy Minister Mahmut Özer, the results of the students in the central exam were examined in detail, the distributions of the subtests in the exam were evaluated and detailed results were given about the technical features of the test.

Exam turnout 83 percent

According to the report, the central exam within the scope of LGS was successfully implemented on June 6th. 1 million 38 thousand 492 students took the central exam and the participation rate was 83 percent.

No question cancellation in 2021 LGS

In the central exam within the scope of LGS, a total of 90 questions were asked to the students from different branches. In the first session, which started at 09.30, the students were given tests of Turkish, the history of the Turkish Revolution, Kemalism, religious culture and ethics, and foreign language tests.

The second session started at 11.30 am and in this session students answered math and science tests. None of the questions in the central exam were cancelled.

97 students got full marks

36 students who participated in the exam from 97 different provinces answered all questions correctly and received 500 full points. In the distribution where the scores ranged between 100 and 500, 5,61 percent of the students were in the range of 400-500 points. The highest score range of students (62,17%) was 200-299.

Girls are more successful

The report also included conclusions about the relationship between some personal and family characteristics and their exam performance. Obtained findings; It showed that, as in the central exams in 2018, 2019 and 2020, female students were more successful than male students in all subtests except mathematics in 2021.

Students whose parents have higher education levels are more successful

In another examination, it was determined that as the education levels of the students' parents increased, their exam scores also increased.

This result, which is consistent with other studies on this subject, showed that the increase in the education level of the parents and therefore the socioeconomic level was associated with the increase in the academic performance of the students.

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