Kenan Collissanturk ISOFF Challenge Begins

kenan carpisanturk isoff challenge begins
kenan carpisanturk isoff challenge begins

📩 20/06/2021 10:51

Organized by the Istanbul Offroad Club in memory of our İSOFF member, Kenan Collissanturk, who passed away this year, İSOFF Challenge will start on Saturday, June 26 at the Çiftalan track. Kenan Collissanturk 3 ISOFF Challenge, which will be organized as 2021 legs, will run its first leg on 26 June, the second leg on 2-04 September and the third leg on 05-3 October.

4×4, 4×2 Buggy and SSV vehicles will be able to start the race, which will be run in a collective departure and elimination method. All kinds of modifications will be free, provided that they do not impair the driving safety of the vehicles. As a result of the qualifying rounds, the teams that will be positioned according to their time will start the race that will last 4 laps after the formation lap. The 4,7 km long track, which includes different obstacles, is designed to allow vehicles to pass each other with its wide curved structure. The 32 teams with the best time in the first qualifiers will qualify for the second qualifiers. In the 2nd eliminations, 2 teams with the best time will compete in the 16rd eliminations. At the end of the 3rd rounds, the remaining 3 teams will qualify to start in the final.

The organization, which will start with the Qualification Rounds at 10.45, will end with the Award Ceremony at 18.00.

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