How should cancer patients eat and what should they consume?

How should cancer patients eat and what should they eat?
How should cancer patients eat and what should they eat?

One of the most important issues in cancer treatment is the patient's diet. Proper nutrition formulas do not cure cancer, but these formulas support the treatment of cancer and help keep the patient's resistance high.

What should cancer patients consume?

The first place on our list belongs to natural nutrition. We will prefer organic products as much as possible. Let's put garlic and lemon at the center of our kitchen with spices such as turmeric and ginger. We can take black cumin, a cure-all, as cold-pressed and drink a teaspoon in the morning, noon and evening. We can consume a tablespoon of original olive oil after each meal, it is perfect for digestion. We can drink the immune-boosting head trotter soup every day, we can add plenty of lemon and garlic. Let nuts be an important part of our lives, a small bowl of mixed fresh nuts every day will be useful. Let's consume 3 bitter almonds a day, too much can be harmful. Let's consume plenty of seasonal vegetables, especially broccoli. Let homemade yogurt and homemade kefir be our best friend. We can consume 3 cups of green tea a day.

This nutritional list is just a suggestion. It is necessary to create a more selective nutrition list according to your reports without disrupting your existing treatment.

What should cancer patients avoid?

  • Alcohol and cigarettes, which are one of the main causes of cancer, are at the top of the list of things that should never be used after contracting this disease.
  • We should avoid sugar as much as possible, but we will not cut it out completely. Let's not forget that our brain is fed with sugar, as long as we consume natural sugar.
  • Let's stay away from fatty foods, especially in patients receiving chemotherapy, it can cause an increase in nausea.
  • Let's say goodbye to bakery products. Let's take a break from bread, pasta, pastry, pastry and muffin until our treatment is over. If we are going to consume bread, I recommend einkorn wheat or whole wheat bread.
  • We will stay away from solid fats such as margarine, our preference should be olive oil.
  • We will pay attention to our grocery shopping. We will not buy any product containing additives in order to extend the shelf life.
  • We will stay away from hormonal fruits and vegetables, we will consume natural fruits and vegetables produced in season.
  • We will prefer boiled rather than fried ones.
  • We will not consume any products containing GMOs. This actually applies to healthy people as well.
  • We will eliminate acidic drinks such as cola from our lives.

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