Channel Istanbul Website Launched

channel istanbul website opened
channel istanbul website opened

📩 26/06/2021 11:14

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun announced that the Kanal Istanbul website, which includes those who are curious about the 'Kanal Istanbul' project, has been launched.

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun announced the website about the Kanal Istanbul project. In his statement on his Twitter account, Altun said, “You can find everything you wonder about Kanal Istanbul, which will bring Turkey to a unique position in terms of economy, trade and logistics, on our website, You can follow the construction process of Kanal Istanbul with all its transparency here.”

The website opened by the Directorate of Communications contains information about the Bosphorus. On the site, there are infographics and information about the ship accidents in the Bosphorus in the past, as well as the feasibility studies of the Bosphorus by academics and universities. In addition, there are videos on the answers to the allegations regarding the Kanal Istanbul project.

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