Istanbul University to Recruit 9 Contracted IT Staff

istanbul university will make permanent workers
istanbul university will make permanent workers

In accordance with the additional article 375 of the Decree-Law No. 6, to be employed in the Istanbul University Rectorate Information Processing Department, the “Principles and Regulations Regarding the Employment of Contracted Information Technology Personnel in Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations” published in the Official Gazette dated 31.12.2008 and numbered 27097. In accordance with the Regulation on Procedures, 9 (nine) contracted IT personnel will be recruited.

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In the selection of candidates who will participate in the written exam and oral exam to be held by the university; In accordance with the 8th article of the aforementioned Regulation, according to the ranking to be made based on the sum of seventy percent of the 2020 KPSS B Group P3 score type and thirty percent of the foreign language score (YDS), ten (10) times the number of personnel to be recruited, starting from the highest score, will be selected among the candidates. The KPSS score of the candidate who does not have a KPSS score or cannot submit a document will be counted as 70. The score (0) will be calculated as zero for those who do not present a foreign language certificate. (Candidates who get the same score as the last candidate according to the ranking are also eligible to take the exam. kazanthey will cry.)


a) To carry the general conditions written in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) To graduate from four-year computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and industrial engineering departments of faculties or from higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council,

c) Except for those specified in subparagraph (b), from the engineering departments of faculties that provide four-year education, from the departments of science-literature, education and educational sciences, departments that provide education on computers and technology, and from the departments of statistics, mathematics and physics, or from a dormitory whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council To graduate from higher education institutions other than (Higher education graduates specified in this article can apply for positions that will be paid twice the monthly gross contract wage ceiling)

d) To have at least 3 years of professional experience in software, software design and development and management of this process or in the installation and management of large-scale network systems for those who cannot exceed twice the wage ceiling, and at least 5 years for others (In determining the professional experience; IT personnel In the calculation of service periods, which are documented as informatics personnel in worker status by paying a premium to social security institutions in the private sector, with permanent staff subject to Law no. Services after undergraduate graduation will be considered.

e) To document that they know at least two of the current programming languages, provided that they have knowledge about the hardware of computer peripherals and the security of the established network management,

f) Documents such as an approved undergraduate or graduate transcript document indicating the programming languages ​​learned as documents, or an approved letter from the graduated department indicating the programming languages ​​studied, an approved text from the place of work and showing the programming languages ​​used, or course participation certificates from educational institutions are accepted.

g) Good command of written / spoken English,

h) To accept the personal rights and other rules specified in the “Regulation on Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Contracted Information Technology Personnel in Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations”,

i) For male candidates, if he has not reached the age of active military service, or if he has reached the age of military service, he has done, postponed or been exempted from his regular military service.

j) Adapting and developing existing projects/software quickly, having strong communication and problem-solving skills,

k) Adopting the idea of ​​working and sharing in a group in a busy work environment,

l) To be able to turn towards creative and innovative approaches and to be open to learning.

m) To have the ability to think analytically.

Application Method, Place and Date

Applications will start on 28/06/2021 and until the end of business on 12/07/2021 will be done online via the internet address.

b) Required Documents

a. Original or notarized copy of undergraduate diploma or school leaving certificate

b. Document showing military service status for male candidates

c. Criminal record certificate (Can be obtained via e-Government by choosing to be given to the public institution.)

D. Document showing the professional experience specified in item (d) of the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (QUALIFICATIONS) title (For the duration of professional experience, services after undergraduate graduation will be considered.)

to. Document (transcript, certificate of participation/exam, etc.) indicating that he/she knows at least two current programming languages ​​specified in item (e) of the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (QUALIFICATIONS) heading.

f. Certificates required in the SPECIAL CONDITIONS for each position and documents showing experience or experience.

g. Resume

h. The original or certified copy of the document showing the score taken from the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS) in English or the foreign language exams held in this language and the YDS equivalent score accepted by the Higher Education Council.

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