Vehicle Equipment that Makes Life Easier

tools that make life easier
tools that make life easier

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Today, especially people living in big cities use their private vehicles very often due to the hustle and bustle of the day or work life and spend long hours in their vehicles. Considering the time we spend in traffic and the long journeys we take, our automobile is one of the indispensable and most important parts of our lives. That's why when buying a vehicle, vehicle hardware features are one of the issues to be considered.

The equipment of the vehicles increases comfort as well as safety and performance and enables drivers to improve their driving experience according to their own needs. Vehicle equipment features mostly vary according to the model and segment. New cars often offer more comfort and technology than vehicles produced in previous years.

In this article, we will talk about vehicle equipment that is included in hardware packages and makes life easier. But first, let's expand on the concept of hardware package and elaborate.

Vehicle Equipment Package: Distinctive Features

The vehicle equipment package is a list of equipment that differs from the standard version of that vehicle. Equipment is grouped in accordance with different expectations and different driving types and offered to drivers as a package. These packages often also have a unique name. These packages also include options for the exterior elements of the vehicles.

Today, many brands offer a wide selection of hardware packages for users. Some models still have only one option. When making hardware package comparisons, knowing the hardware in these packages also helps you make a better choice. For this reason, let's examine some of the hardware features that you should pay attention to when choosing a vehicle.

Important Equipment in Vehicles

Automobile technologies are developing a little more every day and different technologies enter our lives. We can list some of the hardware that has come to the fore in recent years and made the life of drivers easier:

ÔŚĆ Adaptive Cruise Control System

Adaptive Cruise Control, or Adaptive Cruise Control in Turkish, is an advanced version of cruise control, which has been used in the automobile world for a long time.

Also known by the abbreviation ACC, which consists of the initials of the English phrase Adaptive Cruise Control, this system draws attention as a technology that increases comfort. Adaptive Cruise Control, offered to drivers as the upper version of standard cruise control, undertakes tasks such as automatically adjusting the speed of the vehicle and maintaining the vehicle following distance. This system is also referred to as "Smart Cruise Control" in some vehicle models.

There are sensors and cameras in front of the vehicles, and these sensors or cameras send the data they collect while driving to the vehicle's brain. The ACC system automatically activates the brake mechanism and reduces the speed of the vehicle if there is a vehicle in front of you while driving. In this way, the following distance is maintained with the vehicle in front.

ÔŚĆ Hill Start Support System

Hild Holder, also known as the ÔÇťHill Start Assist SystemÔÇŁ, is the general name of the brake system that prevents the vehicle from slipping on a slope or any slope. When you want to start your vehicle on a slope or on a slope, the Hild Holder system applies the brakes to the clutch engagement point of your vehicle. When you press the gas, braking ceases and your vehicle moves safely.

ÔŚĆ Automatic Parking Assistant

When we think about big city life, traffic and space problems, it can sometimes be quite challenging for drivers to find a parking space and park the vehicle. Narrow and sloping streets, rough roads and bad weather can also make parking seriously difficult.

Parking assistants, which are among the hardware features of the vehicles, eliminate such problems and help the drivers. Parking assistants, which are offered in different car models and in different scopes, offer drivers the opportunity to park in a practical and safe way. Thus, it saves time both for the driver himself and for other drivers who are exposed to the traffic he creates.

Parking assistants allow cars to be parked vertically or parallel to the road. This process takes place with the help of special distance-sensing sensors located on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicles. The system starts to work with the command of the driver. The system is activated by pressing the parking assistant button and parking is done automatically after a suitable parking space is found.

ÔŚĆ Lane Tracking System

It is a vital issue for drivers to follow lane while driving. Many accidents are caused by lane violations. In order to prevent these accidents, a system called Lane Tracking System was developed.

This system gives an audible or vibrating warning depending on the vehicle model when drivers go out of their lane. Thus, the driver can drive the vehicle more carefully. The system, which basically works with a simple mechanism, follows the lanes thanks to the cameras located on the inside rear view mirror of the vehicles or on the back of the windshield. This system draws attention as a critical hardware especially for drivers who prioritize safety.

ÔŚĆ Traffic Sign Recognition System

The Traffic Sign Recognition System enables the detection of traffic signs on the road and the recognition of these signs while driving. Traffic signs, which are mostly displayed on the instrument panel, can also be seen on multimedia screens, depending on the vehicle model.

The Traffic Sign Recognition System works thanks to the multi-purpose cameras located above the rear view mirror. These cameras read all traffic signs along the way and make it easier for drivers.

ÔŚĆ Electronic Circuit Program

Electronic Stability Program, or Electronic Circuit Program in Turkish, is one of the hardware that makes a difference in the automotive industry and is included in new generation vehicles. This system allows the vehicle to stop or take control of the driving when it detects a negative driving behavior caused by the driver.

The Electronic Circuit Program works with ASR Brake Systems, which stands for anti-lock ABS and Anti-Skid System. It continuously analyzes the behavior of the driver while driving and the reactions of the vehicle. If there is any deviation between them, it undertakes the task of maintaining the driving standards.

ÔŚĆ Blind Spot Warning System

Blind Spot Detection or Blind Spot Warning System is one of the equipment frequently used in new generation vehicles. Working with radar and sensor logic, this system is especially effective on long roads. The system, which makes visible the parts of the road that you cannot see and remain blind, eliminates the risk of drivers changing lanes incorrectly.

Blind spot warning system; It makes the areas that cannot be seen with the side mirrors detectable by the driver with a signal system and increases driving safety.

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