Special Labeling for the Food Industry

private labeling for the food industry
private labeling for the food industry

📩 29/06/2021 10:14

The labeling needs of companies in the food sector appear in a wide range depending on the characteristics of their production lines. While labeling speed is the most important factor in some companies, media features come to the fore in others.

Food labels, which are considered the first contact of the product with the consumer and one of the most important communication tools, are among the first in labeling systems.

product identification, compliance with international legislation, high traceability and ensuring food safety are the biggest expectations in this field.

It is important to achieve a quality standard when working in high-speed production lines and the uninterrupted production of these lines, the need for high quality printing and when working in challenging environmental conditions such as humidity and cold.


Every project has specific labeling and packaging needs. Flexible and configurable products enable users to offer customized solutions.

NOVEXX SOLUTIONS becomes a solution partner for companies in labeling with its more than 50 years of experience and successful projects in the food industry. After selecting the labeling machine suitable for the production lines, the system is automated and the labeling quality standard is achieved.

NOVEXX SOLUTIONS, which offers solutions to its customers with flexible and customizable products according to production lines, provides uninterrupted support during the projecting phase with its widespread network and experience both in Turkey and all over the world.

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