Insurance Comparison Platform Takes Action To Reduce Exhaust Gas Emissions!

fuse comparison platform took action to reduce exhaust gas emissions
fuse comparison platform took action to reduce exhaust gas emissions

The digital insurance platform, Sigortadı, announced that it will offer free exhaust gas emission measurement service at vehicle inspection stations to anyone who purchases traffic insurance. With this campaign, the platform aims to increase the environmental awareness of vehicle owners.

As the source of impartial and accurate information in the insurance sector with its corporate and individual services, continues to provide new benefits to its users. Especially in these days when air pollution has become a serious threat to the whole world, it launched a campaign in which the right to free exhaust gas emission measurement is defined for vehicle owners who purchase their traffic policies through I Within the scope of the campaign valid until the end of the year, users of I have will be able to have the Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement process free of charge at TÜV Türk inspection stations in 81 provinces. Participants in the campaign, which is valid for traffic policies purchased from the platform's call center or online, will be able to use their rights for 1 year from the date of policy purchase. In order to benefit from the right defined on the license plate of the vehicle from which the traffic insurance policy is purchased, it will be sufficient to provide the license plate information in the policy at the TÜV Türk inspection station.

Red Hill: “We took action to create greener traffic”

Orçun Kızıltepe, Deputy General Manager of Insurance, stated that they work every day to provide better service to their corporate and individual customers with their strong partnership structure; “We are a platform with a strong partnership structure that has become a symbol of trust globally, such as TÜV SÜD, Doğuş Group and Bridgepoint in the insurance industry in Turkey. With this power, we work every day to produce new benefits to use for the benefit of our users. As it is known, in order to keep the exhaust emissions under control, it is necessary to carry out the exhaust emission test and emission measurement on the vehicles at regular intervals. As Insurance Company, we took action to support vehicle owners all over Turkey on their way to be a conscious driver and to create a greener traffic that does not harm the environment. We started our Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement campaign to contribute to a greener and greener world. Since the day we were founded, we have been pioneering innovations and offering the highest quality customer experience with the applications we have initiated in the insurance industry for our individual and corporate customers. Our aim is to be an impartial, transparent, reliable and most preferred brand in digital insurance, as well as being the source of accurate information. In this direction, we will continue to develop user-oriented services.”

Selfless: “Exhaust gases constitute 75 percent of the total pollutants originating from motor vehicles”

Stating that the market is being redefined in the insurance sector, as in all areas of commerce, Izzet Özveren, Marketing Director of Sigortadı; “With the pandemic, everything in our lives has undergone a great change and transformation. Especially in online commerce, new services have emerged in response to new consumer behaviors. We focus on technology and follow innovations very closely in order to inform our customers about insurance products and to enable them to purchase products that meet their needs in a fast and practical way. Considering that our customers stay at home longer, we, as, have developed campaigns by taking into account the changing habits of our users. With the confidence of being a strong organization, we collaborated with world giants such as Google, Apple and Netfix. Today we go one step further and launch our Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement campaign. We know that motor vehicles stand out as the main source of air pollution, and research shows that 75 percent of total pollutants from motor vehicles are exhaust gases. In our country, where there are approximately 25 million vehicles registered to the traffic, exhaust emission measurements of only 9 million 371 thousand 637 vehicles were carried out last year, within the scope of the Exhaust Gas Emission Control Regulation. In addition, an administrative fine of 4 million 808 thousand 726 liras was imposed on the owners of motor vehicles that did not have measurements or caused emissions contrary to standards. We are proud of being the pioneer of such a campaign, especially when the environmental problems we have been facing recently have reached serious proportions and there are things we can simply do for nature, such as exhaust gas emission measurement. We believe that a large audience will benefit, as our campaign is valid on compulsory traffic insurance policies. Thus, we are proud to go beyond the personal benefit we provide to our users and to take a step for the society and the environment.”

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