ESO-Havelsan Cooperation Workshop Held

eso havelsan collaboration workshop was held
eso havelsan collaboration workshop was held

Speaking at the “Software Suppliers Cooperation Development Workshop and Bilateral Business Meetings” held in cooperation with Havelsan and ESO, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Assembly President Süha Özbay said, “15 percent of our exports are based on high technology. This figure is well above the national average. That's why we want to see Havelsan, one of the biggest technology companies in Turkey, in Eskişehir. Come and invest in this city with high technology," he said.

Speaking at the event that will make a great contribution to the Eskişehir IT and software sector and create new business areas, Süha Özbay said that Havelsan, a company of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and also one of the largest technology production bases of our country, will invest in Eskişehir, with supplier negotiations. We invite you to work with more companies from Eskişehir.

Expressing that the high value-added sectors aviation, defense and rail systems will continue to play a dominant role in the 30-year future of the provincial industry, Özbay said, “Today, Eskişehir, with its industrial infrastructure and experience, produces aircraft, helicopters, diesel and diesel-electric locomotives, truck and ship engines. It is a productive centre. Both our Chamber and our universities have done excellent work in this regard, and centers of excellence are being established rapidly. At this point, we attach great importance to and support the National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM) and the Aviation Excellence Center, which was established with great investment and devotion.” said.

Eskişehir, an experienced city

Havelsan Corporate Development Deputy General Manager Nejat Semih Demirtoka stated that they are making maximum efforts in line with the localization and nationalization strategies, and that Eskişehir is one of the most important centers of Turkey's defense - aviation industry and clustering, along with the metal and automotive sub-industry. Demirtoka, who said that they have been working in the fields of software development, testing and integration services in Eskişehir for more than 20 years, said, “We are here today to determine and evaluate the possibilities and capabilities of software companies from Eskişehir. We believe that Eskişehir will show its success in aviation, defense and rail systems, as well as in software. In the one-on-one meetings we held today, the door to new collaborations will be opened.” said.

The meeting continued with the presentations of Havelsan officials. Afterwards, one-to-one supplier meetings were held with software companies from Eskişehir.



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