Drogsan to Launch Rockwell's Iron Deficiency Anemia Medicine in Turkey

drogsan will introduce rockwell's iron deficiency anemia drug to the market in Turkey
drogsan will introduce rockwell's iron deficiency anemia drug to the market in Turkey

Drogsan Pharmaceuticals, one of Turkey's leading pharmaceutical companies, collaborated to bring the new FDA-approved drug of Rockwell Medical, which offers biopharmaceutical solutions, to the market in Turkey.

Having introduced Turkey's first local biosimilar drug in 2014, Drogsan, an expert in nephrology, joined forces with Rockwell, which is dedicated to transforming iron deficiency treatment and anemia management. With this cooperation, Drogsan will be able to market the innovative drug developed by Rockwell for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in hemodialysis patients in Turkey and neighboring countries.

Mustafa Karpuzcu, Chairman and CEO of Drogsan Pharmaceuticals; “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Rockwell Medical and bring this innovative treatment to hemodialysis patients in Turkey. There are approximately 65.000 hemodialysis patients in Turkey and the number of these patients is increasing every day. “We believe this partnership is vital to addressing the need for effective and safe innovative treatment for patients with iron deficiency anemia.”

Rockwell Medical President and CEO Dr. Russell Ellison; “As we continue to increase opportunities to bring our innovative product in the field of hemodialysis to patients around the world, this agreement represents significant progress in meeting the needs of iron-deficient patients in Turkey. Drogsan has a strong history in this field with its 45 years of pharmaceutical experience, corporate infrastructure, successful new product launches and highly experienced nephrology team. For this reason, we look forward to working closely with Drogsan, which we have chosen for partnership, to deliver our innovative product to patients in need.”

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