C295W Armed IGK Aircraft Continues Tests With ROKETSAN Missiles

cw armed igk aircraft continues tests with rocketsan missiles
cw armed igk aircraft continues tests with rocketsan missiles

📩 30/06/2021 11:46

Airbus armed C295W version continues its tests with L-UMTAS and Cirit missiles after ROKETSAN's TEBER-82 guided ammunition.

Airbus Defense and Space introduced the Armed Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (Armed ISC/ISR) version of the C2021 aircraft, developed to provide close air support (CAS) at SOFINS 295 (Special Forces Innovation Network Seminar). Finally, C295 Armed IGK aircraft at four underwing stations; ROKETSAN's product also flew by being equipped with two CİRİT laser guided missile pods and eight L-UMTAS laser guided missiles. These flight tests are carried out to verify the mechanical and aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft when equipped with such a weapon load.

Airbus C295W aircraft flew with 8 L-UMTAS anti-tank missiles and 8 CİRİT 2.75″ Laser Guided Missiles as a highly unusual load for tactical military transport. European company Airbus is accelerating its work on the armed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) C295W version. On February 19, 2021, the Airbus C295W aircraft was seen carrying at least four ROKETSAN precision guided bombs TEBER-82. Recent tests, on the other hand, show serious interest from potential customers, even though there are currently no firm orders.

Footage taken by Spanish photographer Santi Blánquez showed that Airbus' temporary military registered EC-296 aircraft stationed in Seville, Spain, performed a series of test flights with 8 L-UMTAS anti-tank missiles and 8 CİRİT 2.75″ Laser Guided Missiles.

Airbus unveiled the armed version of the C2017W aircraft at the Dubai Airshow in November 295. It is stated that the armed C295, which is also offered for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, was developed by Airbus in response to the interest of potential customers in the Middle East and North Africa. Airbus officials stated that although light attack aircraft with propellers are becoming more and more popular in the region, customers think that ISR sensors are also lacking in addition to this durability.

Airbus Defense and Space and Roketsan signed a cooperation agreement on the unification of various weapon systems on the Airbus C295W reconnaissance and transport aircraft at the Farnborough Airshow. Within the framework of the signed agreement, the two companies cooperate in the design, assembly and first test stages of various weapons in Roketsan's current product range.

The C295W aircraft can be equipped with 16 different air-to-ground weapon systems / solutions. When the armed version was introduced, Airbus had collaborated with Roketsan to provide guided munitions. In addition to Teber guided-kit bombs, the C295W can also integrate up to 16 L-UMTAS laser-guided anti-tank missiles or 2,75-inch Cirit laser-guided missiles. A 12.7 mm and / or 27 mm weapon system can also be integrated into the armed IGK aircraft. In addition, a 2,75-inch CAT-70 unguided rocket pod can be integrated into the aircraft.

In the past, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was mentioned as a potential customer for the C295W armed IGK aircraft. At the 2017 Dubai Airshow, a $5 million contract was signed between the UAE and Airbus for the supply of 295 C250Ws. So far, there is no official statement that these aircraft will be in an armed configuration, but at least one of them has been found to have an ISR system under the nose. The UAE military already has both the L-UMTAS missile and the Cirit laser guided rocket.

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