BozankayaThe Domestic Tram Produced by .

bozankayaThe local tram produced by
bozankayaThe local tram produced by

in Ankara BozankayaThe tram set, which was produced with domestic means in the production facilities of Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, set off for Temeşvar with a ceremony held on 18.06.2021.

One of Turkey's leading companies, serving for more than 100 years in the field of new generation, environmentally friendly public transportation vehicles with 30 percent Turkish engineering and advanced domestic technology. Bozankaya, Ankara has now exported the trams produced in its giant facilities in Sincan to Romania.

Stating that they will send 21 vehicle sets in the first stage and 16 vehicle sets in the second stage, Aytunç Günay, the head of the company, said that they will create an added value of 115 million Euros for Turkey in this project. Regarding the tram, Günay said, “Our tram is 30 meters long, 100 percent low-floor, and has a capacity to carry 200 passengers. Without being connected to the catenary network, our tram can reach a range of 63 kilometers with its battery. It is the first tram in the world that can reach this range," he said.

30 meters long, 100% low floor, 200 passenger carrying capacity, 2400 mm. wide and 63 km with its battery without being connected to the catenary network. It is planned to deliver 21 of the nature-friendly vehicles, which have the feature of being the world's longest-range tram by taking the road with a battery, to the city of Temeşvar, Romania in the first stage, and 16 of them to the city of Yaş in the second stage. These projects, financed by the European Union, provide a foreign exchange inflow of approximately 80 million Euros to our country, while at the same time, they are a large-scale international investment that will increase Turkey's brand value with advanced technology in the field of transportation and that is planned to spread all over Europe.

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