Attention to the First 3 Years of Children!

first law attention in children
first law attention in children

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Babies start learning things as soon as they open their eyes to the world. Every day they spend causes them to behave differently. They start to surprise you with what they learn, their reactions as well as their tendencies. For this reason, you should know that your baby has developmental characteristics that differ from time to time.

The first 3 years are very important in children. Because "Attachment" that affects the whole life occurs especially in this age range. Let's know that attachment is two-sided and insecure attachment is a form of trauma.

While the child is attached to the mother, the mother is also attached to the child. But attachment of the child to the mother is critical because attachment of the child is a developmental need.

If the child is insecurely attached to the caregiver, this is traumatic for the child and this is attachment trauma. Attachment trauma occurs when the child's emotional needs are not met in a timely and adequate manner, apart from their physical needs. It is one of the main reasons for living.

Brief summary of the word;

The first 80 years, when 3% of the brain is formed, is very critical and in this age range, the child creates a sense of self. If the child can step into life with the trust he receives from his parents, see unconditional love, grow freely within healthy limits, the child can be protected from attachment trauma and it will be easier for him to continue his life as a healthy individual.

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