Rearrangement of Vehicle Inspection Delay Penalties

rearrangement of vehicle inspection delay penalties
rearrangement of vehicle inspection delay penalties

Paragraph 9 of Article 2021 of the Law No. 31506, published in the Official Gazette dated 7326 June 10 and numbered 6, on the restructuring of some receivables and amendments to some laws.

As of the date of publication of this Law (including this date), those who have not had their vehicle inspections done on time, although they are required to have their vehicle inspections in accordance with the Law No. The monthly rate of change of D-PPI until the publication of the Law, instead of the 2918% surplus required to be collected for the month and its fraction, the amount to be calculated based on the monthly rate of 31% for each month and fraction of each month from the date of publication of this Law (including the month of publication) to the date of vehicle inspections. The collection of the 12% surplus that must be taken in accordance with the aforementioned article is waived, provided that the payment is made, and these amounts collected by the authorized institution are transferred to the Treasury accounts in the time and manner specified in the said article. The amounts collected before the publication date of this Law in return for the receivables within the scope of this paragraph shall not be refused or refunded based on the provisions of this paragraph. The Ministry of Treasury and Finance is authorized to determine the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this paragraph. For the period between 2021/35/5 and 0,75/5/22 (including these dates), the provisions regarding the 3% surplus in Article 2020 of the Law No. 3 and monthly D-PPI exchange rates are not applied, the collected amounts are not rejected or refunded .

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