Sensor Application to Buses with Bicycle Carriers in Antalya

sensor application to buses with bicycle carrying apparatus in antalya
sensor application to buses with bicycle carrying apparatus in antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its bicycle carrying apparatus application in public transportation, which it has implemented in order to both support environmentally friendly transportation and contribute to the use of bicycles, with the ChipBIS mobile application. Thanks to the application, sensors will be attached to buses with bicycle transport apparatus, and bicycle users will be informed whether the apparatus is full or empty via the mobile application.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality; Within the scope of the European Mobility Week, under the national coordination of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the 'Bicycle Transportation Idea and Project Implementation Competition for Municipalities' was awarded with the bicycle transport apparatus used in public transportation vehicles. kazanhad been. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has now applied to the 2nd Stage of the Union of Municipalities Mobility Competition with the ChipBIS mobile application, which is the continuation of the project.


Kemal Deveci, the Transportation Commission Coordinator of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, and Kenan Güney, the Electrical and Electronics Engineer, who came to Antalya to examine the project, saw the bicycle apparatus attached to the buses, the ChipBIS mobile and web application prepared with sensors. Nurettin Tonguç, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, informed the officials of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey on how the newly established system in the Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Monitoring and Call Center will be included in the existing system.


ChipBIS Project, under the coordination of the Department of Foreign Relations, Department of Transportation, Department of Information Processing, Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization, Transportation Inc. and Antalya Technokent Firms Whitehorse Software. Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, gave information about the project: “With the support of our President Muhittin Insect, we broke new ground in Antalya by attaching bicycle transport apparatus to buses. It is among the firsts in the world that the attached apparatuses are made smart by means of sensors and made available to citizens. When the second phase of the project was carried out, we designed a system in which not only Antalya but all requesting cities could become members. With the prepared application, the bicycle users will be informed via the mobile application whether the apparatus is full or empty through the sensors attached to the buses with bicycle transport apparatus. By using Geographic Information System technologies, bicycle mobility in the city is being implemented with the slogan of 'A Clean Trace', 'We Are One for a Clean City'.


City Planner Salih Sandal also gave detailed information to the authorities about the working principle of the application and the improvements to be made. Salih Sandal said: “Sensors developed in Akdeniz University Technopolis were installed on the bicycle carrying apparatus. Thus, map-supported reports are obtained on the date and location of the bike loaded on the bus and how many kilometers it has been transported. In this way, it will be determined which route uses more bicycles, and more buses with bicycle transport apparatus will be directed to frequently used routes based on the data.”

Sandal stated that in the second stage of the project, all bicycles in the city will be included in the system on a voluntary basis, and said, "Citizens who use bicycles will score points. kazanIt will be possible to reward citizens according to the kilometers they pedal. The bicycle tracks in the city will be processed into the database, and it will direct the new bicycle path and bicycle parking lot projects.”

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