Ankara YHT Station Garanti Passenger Number Is 92 Percent Less Than Specified

Ankara train station has a percent margin of error in the number of guaranteed passengers
Ankara train station has a percent margin of error in the number of guaranteed passengers

📩 21/06/2021 11:26

CHP Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz said that 5 million TL + VAT will be paid for 40.6 months as a guarantee fee payment to the contracting companies Limak, Kolin and Cengiz partnership at Ankara YHT Station. Yavuzyılmaz said that the number of guaranteed passengers was 92.73 percent less than the stated number.

At the Ankara Train Station, which was built with the Build-Operate-Transfer models, CHP Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz announced the guarantee table given to the contractor companies. The data he revealed in the social media message he shared based on the CIMER and Parliamentary Minutes drew attention.

Reminding that the number of (outgoing) passenger guarantees given by the Treasury at Ankara YHT Station is 3 million 333 thousand 333, Yavuzyılmaz announced that the number of (outgoing) passengers in the first 2021 months of 5 remained at 208 thousand 960.

Emphasizing that the AKP's margin of error is 92.73 percent, Yavuzyılmaz said, "The guarantee amount that the Treasury will pay to the company in charge is 4 million 686 thousand 559 dollars + VAT." (40.6 million TL+VAT at current exchange rate)

106 Million Passengers Guaranteed

Yavuzyılmaz also shared the following information in the continuation of his message:

  • The incumbent company is ATG Gar İşletmesi A.Ş. (Limak+Kolin+Cengiz)
  • Opening Date: 2017
  • Public Transfer Date: 2036
  • 2021 (5th Year) Number of Garanti Passengers: 8 million
  • Total Passengers Guaranteed: 106 million
  • Guarantee Amount per Passenger: 1.5 dollars + VAT

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  1. The error in the number of passenger guarantees is abnormal. Shame on the nation and the state. Let whoever committed such a mistake be exposed and prosecuted by the public. Millions are flying away. It's a shame.

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