Akıncı S-1 TİHA Spotted While Carrying a Precision Guidance Kit

Akinci s tiha was seen carrying a precision guidance kit
Akinci s tiha was seen carrying a precision guidance kit

📩 25/06/2021 11:37

The first aircraft of mass production, Akıncı S-1, whose training and test flights continue, was photographed while carrying the HGK-84 under the fuselage.

Images of Akıncı S-1 and PT-2 were included in Selçuk Bayraktar's post on Twitter. Selçuk Bayraktar stated in his post that the flights of PT-2 and S-1 continue. As it is known, as of March 2021, Force personnel started training for Akıncı TİHA.

An important detail that stood out in the images shared was the Akıncı S-84, equipped with the HGK-1 (Precision Guidance Kit) developed by TUBITAK SAGE. Akıncı S-1, which previously carried out fire tests with MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T, was equipped with a general purpose bomb used by warplanes for the first time.

This is important for Akıncı TİHA in two different ways. The first of these is the HGK-1, which weighs close to 84 ton compared to the MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T used in the previous test, and is a new step in testing Akıncı's carrying capabilities. The other is that the underbody weapon station was used for the first time; The underbody weapon station, which can carry 1 ton of ammunition, can enable the transport of SOM and SOM-J cruise missiles as well as different combinations of ammunition or various payloads.

As it is known, in addition to producing the Mk-80 series general purpose bombs, Turkey also develops and manufactures guidance kits with various features and ammunition with different effects based on the physical structure of the said bombs. For example, there are munitions such as the MK-82T Thermobaric Bomb, the NEB (Penetration Bomb) and the recently released SERT-82 and SARB-83. Different guidance kits and impact options for general purpose bombs will expand engagement opportunities for Akıncı as well as for warplanes.

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