Third Party of Environmentally Friendly Yellow Lemons Arrived in Mersin

The third batch of environmentally friendly yellow lemons came to myrtle.
The third batch of environmentally friendly yellow lemons came to myrtle.

The third batch of the 87 CNG bus, named “Yellow Lemons” by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to protect the environment while ensuring that citizens can travel quickly, economically and comfortably, has arrived. The 3 articulated bus that arrived started its journeys without wasting any time.

Citizens will be able to carry out their transportation more easily with 10 articulated buses that take their place in the public transportation fleet in order to ease the transportation of the people of Mersin. In line with the demand from the citizens by the Public Transport Branch of the Department of Transportation, the vehicles were increased on the busy lines. With the growth of its vehicle fleet, the Metropolitan Municipality, which received good reactions from the citizens of Mersin, will also add other vehicles to its fleet until September. kazanHe plans to climb.

President Seçer: “87 new vehicles to our fleet kazanwill have been raised”

At the end of April, the first batch of vehicles was test driven by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer. In his speech at the delivery ceremony of the first batch of buses, Seçer stated that all 87 vehicles will arrive by September, and said:

“We have a total of 263 vehicles in our fleet. Of these, 18 are articulated and 205 are standard vehicles. These operate in the centre, others in our peripheral districts. However, our fleet needs to be renewed. We currently have 26 vehicles, 160 of which are midibuses, and the average age is 17. They need to be renewed. On the one hand, new routes need to be opened. New vehicles are needed there. On the other hand, we need to rejuvenate our existing fleet. We covered 87 vehicles with our own budget. Karsan company realized this sale and production. We made these purchases a while ago. According to the figures of that period, they were already appropriate numbers, but now they have become much more appropriate numbers. Under normal conditions, we had purchased 73 vehicles, but using our legal right, we requested a 20% increase in business from Karsan. They accepted this request and 73 of our vehicles were 10 articulated and 63 standard type. There are now 75 new vehicles in our fleet, 12 of which are standard and 87 are articulated. kazanwill have been raised.”

President Seçer, who said that 10 bellows Yellow Lemon was put into service at the Assembly Meeting, said, “A total of 73 have been completed. 14 left until September. Due to job growth. 2 bellows, 10 standard. So our contractor factory completed 73 buses as promised. Good luck to our country. These 10 bellows lemons started service on the 28 M Tece-MEŞOT line”.

Demir: “Our aim is to provide our citizens with the most efficient and comfortable transportation service”

Bayram Demir, Public Transport Branch Manager of the Department of Transportation, mentioned that a total of 73 Yellow Lemons are actively working in Mersin traffic at the moment, and said, “When 14 more come in September, we will have completed our 87 new vehicle fleet. Of course, our new vehicles are state-of-the-art products and differ from other vehicles in terms of both air conditioning structure and safety and security. Our only goal, as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, is to provide the most efficient and comfortable transportation service to our citizens. We are working hard for this," he said.

Carrying more passengers at once

Reminding that it is forbidden to take passengers standing in vehicles during the pandemic process, citizens under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 are prohibited, Demir said, “According to the circular of the Ministry of Interior, our citizens under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 cannot benefit from public transportation services even if they have been vaccinated. We want our people to show great sensitivity on this issue," he said. Expressing that articulated vehicles are longer and more comfortable than others, Demir said, “At the same time, they have the capacity to carry more passengers at once. That's why it was important for us, according to the transport system with seat capacity. We will be able to carry more passengers at once," he said.

Group Supervisor Yeşildal: “We have increased our vehicles on our busy lines”

Aydemir Yeşildal, who works as the 2nd Shift Group Supervisor in the Public Transport Department of the Transportation Department, stated that they received very good reactions from the citizens as the number of trips became more frequent as the vehicle fleet expanded, and said, “We increased our vehicles there upon the request on our busy lines. Our vehicles work more frequently, we receive very good responses, and I am sure that we will provide a better service with the addition of our other vehicles to our fleet until September. I would also like to thank our Mayor, Vahap Seçer, on behalf of the people of Mersin for making such an election and providing us with these opportunities.”

“Lemon buses are good for our people and good luck”

Sultan Yıldırım, a mother of 1.5, who has been working as a driver for 2 years in the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that a more comfortable transportation is provided with the newly arrived buses, “Our vehicles are natural gas powered and environmentally friendly. Very comfortable, comprehensive, beautiful. We think our citizens will feel comfortable in it. We are getting better responses from the citizens now," he said.

“A vehicle produced with the safety factor in the forefront”

Emphasizing that he loves his job, the driver Niyazi Demirkazık said, “Our vehicles are environmentally friendly. It is a vehicle that has been produced with our passengers and our safety in mind. Latest system tools. I think our Municipality has made a very good choice in this regard. The increase in the number of flights also reduces the suffering of our passengers.

“Transportation was very troublesome, but now it is easy to commute”

Dudu Ateş, one of the citizens who stated that he used Limon buses for the first time and was very satisfied, said, “Before, citizens were waiting in line. They were in trouble. Transportation was very difficult. But now everyone is sitting comfortably, commuting comfortably. You can reach everywhere, even to the top of the mountain. That's nice,” he said.

Leman Soyyiğit, who lives in Mersin and retired from abroad, expressed his satisfaction with the service and said, “It has been wonderful. Because when it is very crowded, people get uncomfortable. I usually use public transport. When new vehicles become more modern. It's better for people when it's clean like this. The disease also decreases. It must be used clean. Our president is doing very well. I thank him,” she said.

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