Number of Clean Energy Vehicles in China Reached Half the World

The number of clean energy vehicles in China has reached half the world

As of the end of May, the number of vehicles running on new energy in China has reached 5,8 million. This number accounts for half of the total of this type of vehicle in the world, as announced in an industry forum.

Domestic sales of new energy vehicles reached 2021 thousand units in the first five months of 950, which is

Judging by the data announced by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association during the Shanghai 2021 Auto Show, it corresponds to 2,2 times the sales in the same period of last year.

Available data show that new-energy vehicle sales maintain a fast pace, with the market share of such vehicles increasing to 8,7 percent of the total. A balance sheet issued in April reveals that a total of 176 thousand charging stations and 50 battery change stations have been established in a part of the country covering 65 cities and a 644 thousand-kilometer highway.

Source: China International Radio

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