The Facility Purchased by MESKI Will Become a Logistics and Production Center

The facility purchased by the residence will be a logistics and production center.
The facility purchased by the residence will be a logistics and production center.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration (MESKI) General Directorate has acquired a 22 thousand 142 square meter facility in Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone. kazannagged. The facility, which has started to be revised and will act as a factory, will become a "logistics and production center". Thus, MESKI will realize services that are extremely important for the Metropolitan and for itself.

Under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, MESKI continues its infrastructure works without interruption, and accelerates technological investments. With the central warehouse to be established in the facility, the scattered materials and raw materials of 13 districts will be controlled by the digital infrastructure data and stock system. Thus, all purchases will be delivered from a single center and stock control will be ensured. Revisions and maintenance of pumps, transformers and electric motors used in the facilities will be made and put into use. A HDPE pipe production facility will also be established in the center, and pipes of different diameters and sizes will be produced, which are used by both the Metropolitan Municipality and MESKI. In other words, from the irrigation pipes used by the Parks and Gardens Department of the Metropolitan to the irrigation pipes distributed to the producers; Products up to the pipes used by MESKI will be produced at the facility. Maintenance-repair and renewal works of meters will also be carried out at the facility. With the works carried out by MESKI, their financial burden will be alleviated.

“This will be MESKI's factory”

President Vahap Seçer, who gave information about the ongoing and planned service facilities at the 2nd Meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly of the General Directorate of MESKI in May, said, “It is a 22 thousand 142 square meter facility that we purchased in Tarsus OIZ. We nationalized it by making an agreement with a bank, we did a very reasonable job, we think we did a very important job. We are currently revising this place. We want to turn this place into a logistics production center. In a sense, this will be MESKI's factory. Now we have warehouses in 13 districts and we are scattered. We want to create a central warehouse here and we want to establish an infrastructure. A digital infrastructure. Let's have a database. Where and what is now unknown. So what is in Anamur is unknown. There is too much material, but unnecessary purchases are made here or there are unnecessary purchases there. Things happen haphazardly, groping. It will put it in order. This is the money we give here, it will be 20 times. What else are we going to do here? We are also establishing our electromechanical workshop in this center. In this workshop, we will overhaul and maintain our pumps, transformers, and electric motors and put them into use.”

“We will also save the institution from a financial burden”

Stating that the center will save them from a significant financial burden, Seçer said, “It will make us more tidy, more collected and less costly. We will also carry out maintenance, repair and renewal of meters at the facility. We are also establishing a mechanical meter laboratory. At the moment, friends are working, and thus, we will save the institution from a financial burden, that is, by building this laboratory. The most important aspect is that we will manufacture all of the pipe grants made by our Park Bahçeler, Agricultural Services Department, the pipes used by MESKI in their investments, and HDPE pipes here. a factory. Not so intricate facilities. Both employment will be provided and we will cost 5, from now on we will cost 2, maybe 1,5. Such valuable work. Above all, the institution will now have a warehouse inventory. Imagine that an institution with a budget of 1 billion serves 16 thousand square kilometers. There is water, rain water, infrastructure everywhere, in wastewater facilities, but there is no warehouse inventory. It's unclear where it is. entrust it to Allah. This has been the case for years, I hope we have solved it from the root. We are currently revising the building. The purchase has already been made. Everything is completed. We have a Mezitli Logistics Support Center Construction Business. We also tendered this in April. A work of 4 million 324 thousand liras. Again, a work of 15 million liras in our various campuses. In total, the planned and ongoing amount of service facility investments in 2021 is 45 million 775 thousand liras. 32 million 571 thousand of these will be completed," he said.

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