Food and Beverage Ban at Weddings and Invite Restrictions Removed

The ban on food and drink at weddings and the invitee restriction have been lifted

In the second phase of the gradual normalization process, which started on June 19, within the scope of Kovid-1 measures, wedding ceremonies and food and beverage service at weddings and the maximum number of guests were limited.

In the "June Normalization Measures" circular of the Ministry of Interior, it was stated that wedding and wedding ceremonies will be implemented with certain rules, and events such as engagement and henna nights will not be allowed.

In line with the measures regarding the second stage of the gradual normalization process, wedding ceremonies and wedding ceremonies; Complying with the rules determined in the Ministry of Health's Epidemic Management and Working Guide in open areas, keeping the necessary distance between tables and chairs, and complying with cleaning, mask and distance rules

It has been stated that food and beverage can be served from 6 June, provided that a minimum of 100 square meters per person is left in addition to these rules in closed areas, and that it is limited to a maximum of 1 guests.

In the circular, it was informed that the restrictions regarding the food and beverage service and the maximum number of guests in closed areas will be ended on June 15, food and beverage can be served at weddings and weddings after this date, and the maximum participant limit will not be applied, provided that at least 6 square meters of space per person is left in indoor areas was also included.

Restrictions on food service and number of people in wedding halls were lifted. As of June 15, food service in wedding halls has started again. In addition, the limit of 100 people in wedding halls has been removed.

As it is known, the curfews continue between 22.00:05.00 and 21.00:XNUMX. For this reason, it was also mentioned in the news that weddings should end at XNUMX.

In the gradual normalization process to be implemented throughout June, events such as engagement and henna will be allowed after 1 July.

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