Solution Suggestions to Sea Slobber from the Chamber of Environmental Engineers

Solution suggestions from the chamber of environmental engineers to sea saliva
Solution suggestions from the chamber of environmental engineers to sea saliva

In the statement made by the ÇMO Istanbul Branch, it was said, "It is suicide to try to withdraw millions of people to a city that discharges its waste water to the Marmara Sea without biologically treating it, with the Kanal Istanbul and Yenişehir Reserve areas."

TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul Branch has published Urgent Action Plan Recommendations for the solution of the mucilage problem, which has become the nightmare of the Marmara Sea and is also known as “sea saliva” among the people.

In the statement, it was said, "It is suicide to try to withdraw millions of people to a city that discharges its wastewater into the Marmara Sea without biologically treating it, with the Kanal Istanbul and Yenişehir Reserve areas." The solution proposals presented under 11 headings are listed as follows:

'Biological treatment should be done'

1-Deep sea discharge after advanced biological treatment of all wastewater. This is the definitive solution to prevent pollution from wastewater discharge in the Sea of ​​Marmara. But; Even if the planning of these facilities has been started, it will take many years to complete and ensure that all major wastewater discharge points in Marmara are discharged after biological treatment.

For this reason, it is necessary to make these plans as a top priority, and to carry out other studies regarding the current pollution in this period.

'There should be a check'

2-Deep sea discharges, pre-treatment and industrial wastewater treatment plants and industrial wastewater around the Marmara Sea should be inspected as soon as possible.

By making wastewater flow and water analysis, necessary pre-treatment conditions should be provided in the currently operating facilities and the correct operation of the pre-treatments should be ensured immediately.

Each pre-treatment and sea discharge system should have a sufficient number of expert environmental engineers and the Chamber of Environmental Engineers should provide operational control in these facilities. In addition, restrictive discharge criteria for the Marmara Basin should be determined urgently.

'Oil traps must be operated'

3- In pre-treatment plants, oil traps should be made suitable for operation. Suspended solids sedimentation must be ensured effectively.

Considering that the formation capacity of mucilage is increased by the combination of suspended solids and oil, it is essential that the pre-treatment and oil scavengers be operated at high efficiency with an emergency response.

4-It is necessary to reduce the amount of wastewater discharged into the Marmara Sea by establishing wastewater recovery systems for industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants.

'Increase the amount of oxygen'

5-The wastewater in the balancing and/or resting sections should be enriched with oxygen as much as possible.

6-By making bottom current measurements, depth, shore distance and diffuser structures should be checked according to the results of bottom current measurements, all discharge points should be recorded on a common bathymetric map, and wastewater dilution fields should be examined.

In the light of new data, current and still water diffuser and dilution phase analyzes should be performed separately. According to the results of these investigations; Necessary diffuser renewal and additional line operations should be carried out as soon as possible.

'Revision of diffuser points'

7-As the pollution load entering the Black Sea has increased, the thickness of the oxygen-free base layer has increased and it has come a little closer to the surface. This will be an influencing factor for undercurrents.

In addition, the low amount of rain water coming from the streams feeding the Black Sea this year kept the static height of the Black Sea low, which negatively affected the surface currents. In addition, deep sea discharges carried out by urban wastewater treatment plants along the Black Sea coast must be strictly controlled in order not to create pollution in the Black Sea and to prevent the flow of this pollution into the Marmara Sea.

In this case; Since the undercurrents are insufficient, the dilution fields expand into the Marmara Sea and increase their interference with each other. For this reason, revision is required at the diffuser points.

'Discharge from Ergene must be stopped'

8- Discharge from Ergene to Marmara Sea should be stopped immediately. The point where the wastewater collector system of the Ergene basin is released into the Marmara Sea should be investigated immediately, the deep sea discharge should be handled together with the pre-treatment and strictly controlled.

Wastewater treatment plants to be operated jointly should be commissioned as soon as possible and wastewater parameter values ​​of all industrial facilities that discharge wastewater to Ergene should be strictly controlled.

9- Instead of pouring the dredging sludge, which has a direct effect on increasing the pollution in the Marmara Sea, into the Sea of ​​Marmara, landfilling of the sludge should be carried out and amendments should be made in the relevant regulation in order to achieve this.

'ÇMO should be included in the process'

10- Mucilage or sea spit has shown that we are on the verge of major natural disasters with the combination of climate change crisis and sea pollution. However, it is now seen that the only and inevitable way is the uninterrupted and correct operation of the treatment plants.

Treatment plants, especially in industrial plants, should be operated correctly and by environmental engineers. To encourage the uninterrupted and correct operation of treatment plants; Issues such as charging the electricity used in the treatment plants at the lowest tariff, tax exemption, reduction in the tax and Social Security Institution expenses of the environmental engineer to be employed in private enterprise treatment plants should be implemented immediately and the Chamber of Environmental Engineers should be involved in the process at the inspection point.

11- Due to the fact that the protection of water resources and our seas can no longer be postponed, the knowledge and expertise of environmental engineering should be activated in all environmental and infrastructure investments by abandoning the consideration of drinking water supply, wastewater and rain water collection works, all works to be done in planning and investment, as construction activities, It is urgently necessary to make it compulsory to employ environmental engineers in these works.

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