Murat Ongun's Reply to Allegations of 'IMM Closed the Built Metro'

Reply to the allegations that murat ongundan closed the ibb-built metro
Reply to the allegations that murat ongundan closed the ibb-built metro

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sözcüsü Murat Ongun, in his post describing the AK Party and MHP as opposition parties, answered the allegations that “IBB closed the built metro”.

IMM sözcüIn his post on his Twitter account, Murat Ongun responded to the allegations that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) closed the metro. Ongun listed 4 items in his post and said:

Opposition party officials and supporters in Istanbul claim that the IMM has closed a built metro line. Let us tell you how even the Presidency is against this;

1- In 2017, the Yenidogan-Cumhuriyet-Emek Metro, the foundation of which was laid by the former IMM administration without financial preparation and efficiency analysis, is stopped in the same year. The project was not included in the Presidency Public Investment Program because it was not found efficient and was rejected twice in 2015 and 2017.

2- Since these construction sites, which have been open for four years, carry a serious risk of collapse and cause traffic problems, the safety of the environment and the people of the region is ensured with the temporary filling work. The construction of Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli Metro continues smoothly and quickly.

3-Ekrem İmamoğlu management by making a quick efficiency and financial analysis as soon as they take office; It has solved the problems in all stopped, unfinished and incorrectly planned metro projects, found credit and restarted its constructions.

4- Such small lines are not included in the public investment plan by the Presidency due to the "low travel demand for the metro", and projects that are not included in this plan cannot provide foreign loans.

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