Beware of the Harms of Rapid Weight Loss!

Pay attention to the harms of rapid weight loss
Pay attention to the harms of rapid weight loss

Dietitian and Life Coach Tuğba Yaprak gave information about the subject. The biggest wish of those who are in trouble with their excess weight; To lose weight in a short time is to have a slim body. People who are overweight want to lose these pounds quickly, but losing weight quickly is not a healthy way. Because the diet attitude followed in order to lose weight fast is a situation that causes very low calorie, heavy exercises, and the metabolism is faced with unaccustomed effort, as well as causing health problems.

low blood sugar

Low-calorie diets for rapid weight loss are generally very poor in carbohydrates. In addition to the few calories taken, the very low carbohydrate consumption causes the blood sugar level to be constantly low. This situation causes the feeling of hunger to increase and even to become unbearable from time to time, irritability, weakness and fatigue. If the hunger situation is prolonged; This can cause inability to focus, mental confusion, or even fainting when dealing with tasks that require effort.

slowing of metabolism

During the rapid weight loss process, the metabolism slows down and it causes some health problems on the body as there is loss of water tissue. In addition, among the harms of rapid weight loss; digestive system disorders, gallbladder stones, circulatory problems, anemia, blood pressure imbalances are also the results of shock diets. Among the harms of rapid weight loss, the organ that carries the greatest risk; is the heart. Therefore, following these diets increases the risk of heart attack. This means that it can pave the way for sudden death.

muscle loss

The body, which is exposed to a low-calorie diet for a long time, starts to lose muscle by starving. Since our organs are in the right relationship with nutrition, liver and kidney begin to lose function due to muscle wasting. As a result of long-term low-calorie diets; loss of heart muscle and even a decrease in bone density may occur. While the decrease in bone density causes joint pain and tiredness, heart attacks may occur as a result of the loss of heart muscles.

May cause hair loss

Hair loss is a problem faced by many people. But it is not always a problem that occurs due to aging. Unfortunately, diets containing insufficient vitamins and minerals, which are not specially prepared for the desire to lose weight quickly, can lead to hair loss. At the same time, severe stress, hormonal and metabolic stress can cause this situation. Insufficient intake of minerals such as zinc, selenium and magnesium adversely affects hair and nail health.

The weight comes back fast!

Quickly lost weight returns to the body at the same rate. We can think of the main reason for the rapid return of the lost weight as low-calorie diets for weight loss. The first attempt to lose weight fast is to apply a nutrition program that is poor in carbohydrates and protein, insufficient in energy, and will not meet the needs of the body in terms of vitamins and minerals. Because it will return, the weight will come back quickly. The important thing is to ensure that the long-term weight is gone. It is the most logical way to apply in this direction; It is to lose weight with a completely individual nutrition program, in which the physiobiological needs of the person are considered under the control of an expert, the age of the weight, social and economic life is calculated and planned.

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