Mudanya Sea, Divers Cleaned Beach by Environmentalists

Mudanya sea divers cleaned the beach by environmentalists
Mudanya sea divers cleaned the beach by environmentalists

Divers cleaned the sea and environmentalists cleaned the beach in an event organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Uludağ University within the scope of World Environment Week.

World Environment Week is celebrated in Bursa with different activities. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has brought exemplary investments in the environment and infrastructure to Bursa, carries out a series of activities in order to raise awareness about the environment and increase social sensitivity. The first event organized by the Metropolitan Municipality due to the World Environment Week took place on the Mudanya coast. In the event organized in cooperation with Uludağ University, Environmental Engineering Student Society (UCET) students and citizens collected the wastes on the beach and filled them into garbage bags, while the fishmen of Uludağ University Underwater Society (USAT) unearthed the wastes on the sea surface. Wastes such as bottles, masks and gloves removed from the sea were exhibited on the beach to raise awareness about the environment.

Uludag University Environmental Engineering Department Lecturer Assoc. Arzu Teksoy stated that the diving event was held within the scope of the Marine Litter Provincial Action Plan and said, “Recently, we have seen the effect of the mucilage that we have seen on the sea surface underwater. Our students said that the visibility under water is very limited due to mucilage. In our study, we collected wastes such as bottles, glass pieces, gloves and masks under water.”

Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç, who participated in the environmental event in Mudanya, thanked everyone who is aware of their responsibility towards the environment. Stating that Bursa should set an example in environmental cleaning as in every other issue, Kılıç said, “We must act consciously and responsibly towards the environment. With the support we receive from our citizens, we want such events to spread. As soon as we protect the environment and nature, it is our duty. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality, Uludağ University, who organized this event, and the participants.”

Octopus activity from waste

Octopus activity from waste

The second event of the World Environment Week was held in Gemlik. The wastes removed from the seabed as a result of diving by USAT were exhibited with an octopus sculpture designed by the Metropolitan Municipality Urban Aesthetics Branch. Filled with waste such as tin cans, plastic and glass bottles, nets, computer screens, cell phones and car tires, the octopus sculpture once again revealed how the environment is polluted by human hands. Parks and Gardens Department Head Muhammet Ali Akaç said that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality evaluates Environment Week with activities this year, as it does every year. Explaining that the octopus sculpture, which was prepared to increase environmental awareness in the society, was exhibited by filling it with materials collected from the sea by divers, Akaç invited all the people to be sensitive to environmental pollution.



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