Support to Turkey's Women Entrepreneurs from Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş.

Mobil oil turk as supports women entrepreneurs of turkey

Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş., which has been carrying out its activities in the production and marketing of mineral oils in our country for 116 years, continues its uninterrupted support for women entrepreneurs in Turkey.

In this context, the third of the “Virtual Meeting with the Buyer – Istanbul and Beyond” event, which brings together Turkey's entrepreneurial women with the leading local and international institutions of the sector, was held. The organization realized by Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş. with WEConnect International, which provides opportunities for entrepreneur women to be included in the supply chain of large local and international institutions, was held this time with the participation of entrepreneurial women from Çukurova, Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia.

Participants in the event, which offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their networks; told the managers of corporate companies about their products and services. It is planned to continue with the participation of women in Istanbul and the Marmara Region of the event series, where the “Personal Productivity and Prioritization” training is given.

In order for women to take a more active part in business life, other institutions and organizations

Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş., which has signed collaborations that will set a precedent for other institutions, brought together entrepreneurial women in Çukurova, Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia with local and international institutions, which are the pioneers of the sector. In this context, the third "Virtual Meeting with the Buyer - Istanbul and Beyond" event organized by Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş. .

The pioneer women of the sector told their success stories!

Activity; WEConnect International Turkey Director Nilay Çelik and Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş. It started with the opening speeches of Eda Demir, Strategic Automotive Customers Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Afterwards, “Institutions Tell! – A panel titled “Diversity in Purchasing and Supply” was organized. In the panel moderated by Nilay Çelik; ExxonMobil Europe, Africa and

Middle East Strategic Customers Manager Handan Karakaş, Medtronic Medical Technology CEMA Regional Purchasing Manager Ozan Sam and Merck Sharp Dohme Pharmaceuticals Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Purchasing Leader Sinem Oflaz took part as speakers. The event then continued with the panel titled “Women Tell Their Success Stories” moderated by Eda Demir, where women founders of companies operating in different sectors and women entrepreneurs shared their success stories that will set an example for women entrepreneurs.

Parallel dating sessions attracted great interest!

In the event, in which the perspectives of corporate companies on procurement and diversity in supply were discussed, introductory sessions were held with the participation of the managers of many local and international corporate companies that are members or supporters of WEConnect International. During the sessions, which attracted great interest, entrepreneur women in Çukurova, Southeast and Eastern Anatolia were provided with the opportunity to explain their products and services to these corporate companies. The third event of the "Virtual Meeting with the Buyer - Istanbul and Beyond" ended with the "Personal Productivity and Prioritization Training".

It continues its work in more than 120 countries!

WEConnect International, which started its activities in 2009 and its activities in Turkey in 2012, aims to support women entrepreneurs in many countries of the world; a non-profit organization working with the goal of involving large local or international institutions in the supply chain. Women who register to WEConnect International's female-owned business network, which carries out their work in more than 120 countries, through the WECommunity system, can connect with all other businesses. WEConnect International, which has offices in 20 countries, including Turkey, has more than 350 female-owned company members. WEConnect International aims to support international institutions to channel a portion of their annual “purchasing” budget of approximately $1 trillion in total to women-owned businesses.

In total, nearly 250 women entrepreneurs will be reached!

The organization, which increased the number of its members with the “Virtual Meeting with the Buyer - Istanbul and Beyond” event, which was initiated to support the businesses owned by women, reached nearly 150 women with three events. It is aimed that many entrepreneur women will benefit from the advantages offered by the WEConnect International network, with the event series organized online and attracting great interest following the measures taken within the scope of the pandemic. With the said event, it is aimed to reach entrepreneurial women outside of Istanbul and to offer new cooperation opportunities to entrepreneurial women, and to provide a large number of trainings under different topics by experts in their fields. The fourth of the event series is planned to be held this year with the participation of women from Istanbul and the Marmara Region. In addition, with the fourth event of the “Virtual Meeting with the Buyer - Istanbul and Beyond”, it is aimed to reach 100 more women.

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