Level Crossing Awareness Event Held in TCDD 7th Region

Level crossing awareness event held in tcdd region
Level crossing awareness event held in tcdd region

With the participation of TCDD 7th Regional Directorate Regional Manager Adem Sivri, an event was held within the scope of 11 June International Level Crossing Awareness Day.

TCDD 7th Regional Manager Adem Sivri Safety and Quality Management Service Deputy Manager Oğuz Güngör and road vehicle users at level crossings were informed to increase the awareness of drivers in order to prevent accidents that may occur at level crossings, and an Information Brochure and gifts were given in memory of the day. Driving courses were visited after the event at Level Crossings, and it was reported that the authorities should definitely inform the trainees about the rules to be followed at Level Crossings. Regional Director Adem Sivri attended the lessons of the trainees at the Driving Courses and emphasized the rules to be followed at level crossings and the importance of these rules in terms of life and property safety. Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, declared 2021 as the Year of Security and Education, and stated that as the Regional Directorate, Training and Activities were increasingly continued. He stated that with such activities, awareness of level crossing accidents has been raised and significant decreases have occurred in accidents. Brochures and gifts were presented to commemorate the day, and the program ended.

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