Kadıköy Municipality of Kalamış Marina Disabled in Privatization Tender

Kadikoy Municipality was deactivated in the Kalamis Marina privatization tender
Kadikoy Municipality was deactivated in the Kalamis Marina privatization tender

Kadıköy Municipality was prevented from participating in the privatization tender of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina, which will be held on 7 July. Announcing that they were excluded from the tender Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı said, “Why is the public not wanted in a project that takes care of the public interest? This project has already shown its intention.” Previously, IMM was unlawfully eliminated from TCDD's tender for Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations.

SözcüAccording to Özlem Güvemli's report, Privatization Administration, on 7 July Kadıköyannounced that it would go to a privatization tender to give the 40-year operating rights of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Yacht Harbor in Istanbul.

The privatization decision for the marina, which also included the Kalamış Sailing Club, created a public debate. Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, in order to prevent anyone from "collapsing" in these areas. Kadıköy He announced that they aspire to be the municipality.


As a public institution, the application made to the Privatization Administration for the management of the marina to be given to them was not successful. Kadıköy The municipality decided to enter the tender. Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı had recently announced to SÖZCÜ that they had signed a contract with a bank to receive the 30 million lira letter of guarantee required to enter the tender. Tender preparations started Kadıköy It was learned that the municipality was excluded from the tender.


Announcing the development on his social media account Kadıköy Mayor Odabaşı said, “We will be its defenders until the end of our just struggle. We learned that the application we made as the representative of the public to the Kalamış tender was excluded from the tender. All KadıköyI invite people to take care of their homes. Because the future of Kalamış is #Bizilmegüzel”.


Odabasi KadıköyExplaining the process in the video in which he addressed the people, he said, “Recently, we objected to the privatization of the Kalamış coast and said that the Kalamış beach is ours, it belongs to the people. We said Kalami is nice with us. As a municipality KadıköyIt is our duty to protect the rights of people. We are always ready to take any responsibility that falls on us. That's why we wanted to bid. With your support, this campaign quickly made a splash. But today we learned that those who do not care about the rights of the people decided to exclude us from the tender. They even prevent us from bidding. Because they were afraid of your voice. Because they were afraid of our just struggle. Why is the public not wanted in a project that takes care of the public interest? Why is the elected representative of the people not wanted? This project has already shown its intention. But of course, our struggle will not end here.”


Addressing the companies that will enter the tender, Odabaşı said, “Despite the public, we will not allow a project that does not consider the public's benefit. We will continue to announce our just struggle until the end. We will not let them crash on our beach. Because Kalamış is beautiful with us,” he said.


IMM was also illegally eliminated from the tender opened by TCDD on October 29, 4 to rent the idle storage areas of approximately 2019 thousand square meters belonging to Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations. Afterwards, the tender was canceled due to the lawsuit filed by IMM.


Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina, which has been under privatization since 2011, was established in 103 on an area of ​​1985 thousand square meters. Kadıköy It was built by the municipality. Opened in 1988, the marina was operated by a private company.

General Directorate of National Real Estate in 1992, Kadıköy He abolished the allocation given to the Municipality in 1985. The marina was included in the scope of privatization in 2011. With the changes in the zoning plan, which was a courthouse, the marina was enlarged, and the way was opened for the construction of hotels and new commercial areas.

Some of the lawsuits filed against the zoning plans including 40-50 thousand square meters of new construction area for the marina are still ongoing. Finally, an area of ​​3 square meters allocated to the Kalamış Sailing Club within the marina was included in the scope of privatization.

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