Golden Horn Rowing Races Organized by IBB Subsidiary Spor Istanbul, Breathtaking

Halic rowing races took their breath away
Halic rowing races took their breath away

“Golden Horn Rowing Races” organized by IMM subsidiary Spor Istanbul on the 4,5 kilometer track from Unkapanı Bridge to Miniatürk added excitement to the city and gave the audience a visual feast. IMM President giving his trophy to Fenerbahçe B team, which became the champion in the Big Men category Ekrem İmamoğlu“I dream and hope that in the very near future, in Istanbul where the Olympics are held, rowing races will be held in the Golden Horn,” he said.

Fenerbahce B team, which won the first place in the Big Men category in the event where teams and clubs took part, was awarded by the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluFenerbahce A team Rowing Federation President İlhami İşseven, who came in second, bronze medal kazanAn Şişecam Çayırova team received from IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar.


The Golden Horn Rowing Races, where great competition and enjoyable moments were experienced, took place yesterday. The track, which started from the Unkapanı Bridge in the Coastal Endurance type race at a distance of 4.500 meters, ended at the Miniatürk Pier. Colorful images emerged in the event, where 57 teams, 12 clubs and 285 athletes participated.

The races organized in the U19, Master and Big categories started at 10.00:19 with the fight of the U19 Men. Galatasaray B team won the first place in UXNUMX Men's. Izmit Sümerspor finished the race in third place, with Galatasaray A team second.

The second race of the day was held in the Master Mix category. Izmit Sümerspor B team came first in the Master Mix race. The individual team, consisting of individuals who are not affiliated with the club, came in second and the Galata Rowing team came in third.

Izmit Sümerspor won the first place in the Big Women's category, while the Golden Horn Sports Club took the second place. Vira Denizciler finished the race in third place.


In the Big Men's race, which was the fastest race of the day, Fenerbahçe B team came first and Fenerbahçe A team came second. Şişecam Çayırova team finished the race in third place. Fenerbahce B team award IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlugot it from.

Vira Denizciler won the first place in Master Women. While İzmit Sümerspor took the second place, Galata Rowing team took the third place. Galata A team finished first in the Master Men's Championship. Golden Horn A team finished second and Vira Denizciler A team finished the race in third place.

The day was closed with the U19 Women's race. Fenerbahce won the U19 Women's Championship. While İzmit Sümerspor A team finished the race in second place, İzmir Sümerspor B team placed third.

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