Domesticity in the Small Household Appliances Sector Increases with New Investments

Domesticity in the small electrical appliances sector is increasing with new investments
Domesticity in the small electrical appliances sector is increasing with new investments

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Gümüşdağ Elektronik, which draws attention with its domestic production in the small household appliances sector. Noting that the company started production in a larger factory, Minister Varank said that work is being done in line with the annual target of one and a half million products.

Varank, together with Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Çetin Ali Dönmez, visited the new production facilities of Gümüşdağ Elektronik AŞ in Başakşehir. Varank, who received information about the small household appliances produced in the factory from Göksel Gümüşdağ, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, made examinations in the production units of the plant.


Varank headed the assembly line at the factory and assembled the toaster. with those who work here sohbet Varank ate lunch with the workers.


Making statements after his visit, Varank stated that the company has been producing small household appliances in Turkey for about 20 years and said, “Now they have started production in a larger factory. In the last 3 months, they increased their staff of 300 to 420 people. From this facility, 420 citizens can take bread to their homes.” used the phrase.


Noting that the small household appliances industry has an important market in Turkey, Varank said, “Besides, it is a sector where we can get a share from exports. Gümüşdağ Elektronik is a company that manufactures toasters and tea machines for both local and global brands, targeting 900 million production in its new factory, which had a production of 1,5 thousand units last year.” said.


Emphasizing that as the Ministry, they try to support all companies investing in Turkey, Varank said, “All our companies investing in Turkey can benefit from our investment incentive system. This company also wants to become an important manufacturer in the small household appliances sector in the world by increasing its production with our support. This sector used to import a lot from the Far East, but now we see that Turkey's production is self-sufficient.” he said.


Stating that the products of global brands are also produced in the factory and the products are sold abroad, Varank said, “It is a pleasure for us that our company is growing so fast, increasing employment and planning new production facilities.” said. Emphasizing that Turkey's agenda is investment, production, employment and exports, Varank said, “We need to grow Turkey with production. Such companies also contribute to Turkey's economy by making important productions in the small household appliances market.” he said.


Gümüşdağ also stated that they are almost the market leader in their production groups in Turkey and said, “We produce 3-4 items in electrical household appliances and we own approximately 60-70% of the market. Therefore, we believe that we have established a much better facility by improving our technology. Our aim is to increase exports even more.” he said.

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