Businesses Are Satisfied With The New Arrangement In Used Vehicle Appraisal

Businesses are satisfied with the new arrangement in used vehicle appraisal
Businesses are satisfied with the new arrangement in used vehicle appraisal

In the application that came into force in June, the Ministry of Commerce stated that second-hand cars under the age of 8 and under 160 thousand km must have an appraisal report made maximum three days before the notary sale, and stated that criminal sanctions will be imposed on businesses that sell without a report. In addition, it was stated that the company from which the expertise service will be obtained has the TSE 2 HYB certificate and that the appraisal report submitted by the company will be checked by the notary public.

Emre Büyükkalfa, CEO of TÜV SÜD Turkey, stated that they have come to an end in the steps taken towards institutionalization; ''With the intensity experienced in the second-hand vehicle appraisal sector recently, the need for customers to trust appraisal companies is increasing day by day. As the used vehicle appraisal report contains detailed information about the current and past condition of the vehicle, buyers can purchase their vehicles with confidence.

Finally, Büyükkalfa mentioned the importance of TSE 13805 HYB Service Qualification Certificate; “Automobile appraisal processes include detailed information on all points, from the parts of the vehicle that have been changed after an accident, to the parts that may cause problems or costs. When the appraisal process is completed, a second-hand vehicle appraisal report is given to the person who purchases the appraisal service. However, the most important point that the buyer should pay attention to while submitting the report is the TSE Service Adequacy Certificate. We fully support the regulations made in order to provide a fully independent, accurate and reliable trade environment that can meet people's expectations, clarify the communication between the buyer and the seller in the second-hand auto appraisal service," he said.

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