463 Kilos of Cocaine Seized at Mersin Port

Kilograms of cocaine seized in Mersin port
Kilograms of cocaine seized in Mersin port

Another major drug operation was launched in Mersin by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce and seized 463 kilos of cocaine.

In the analysis made by the teams of Mersin Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, 5 containers brought from Ecuador to a port in Mersin were considered as risky.

Necessary precautions were taken at the port and risky containers were unloaded from the ship and sent for x-ray scanning. After a suspicious density was found in one of the containers loaded with bananas, this container was taken to the search hangar.

During the search, which also included narcotic detector dogs, 9 black bags were found hidden in the middle of the container. After the detector dogs reacted to these bags, the bags were opened by taking them out. It was determined that there were 463 packages in the bags in question, weighing a total of 404 kilograms, in compressed form. As a result of the analysis of the sample taken from the packages, it was determined that the seized substance was a cocaine type drug.

The total weight of 463 kilograms of cocaine seized after the successful operation of the Customs Enforcement teams and the record amount of cocaine seized in the previous operation was 1 ton 763 kilograms. A heavy blow was dealt to drug smugglers thanks to two huge operations that were signed within a week.

After the operation, the investigation carried out by the Mersin Chief Public Prosecutor's Office continues.



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