2021 Students Become First in Turkey in 5 LGS Exam

The student became the first in Turkey in the lgs exam
The student became the first in Turkey in the lgs exam

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) announced the results of the 2021 High School Entrance Exam. The champions of Bilfen Secondary Schools who have successfully passed LGS have been determined. 5 students studying at Ankara Çayyolu, İskenderun and İstanbul Çamlıca and Ataşehir Campuses won the first place in Turkey in LGS. At the ceremony held at Bilfen Çamlıca Secondary School for the winners of LGS 2021, the happiness of the students who received their plaques was read from their eyes. Bilfen Ankara Çayyolu Secondary School students Ada COŞKUN, Veli Kaan SEREN, Bilfen Ataşehir Secondary School student Ceylin ALAK, Bilfen Çamlıca Secondary School student Gülfem EKİZ, and Bilfen İskenderun Secondary School student Muazzez Göksu ÖZER, who answered all questions correctly in the 2021 LGS exam and received a full score of 500; He said that the secret of their success was “planned work and quality problem solving”.

The Hardest Exam of the Last 4 Years

LGS, implemented by the Ministry of National Education and entered by 8th grade students, was held with the participation of approximately 1 million 243 thousand 801 students throughout Turkey. Bilfen Primary Education Institutions Deputy General Manager Nurşen KAYATÜRK stated that the questions in LGS were asked in accordance with the curriculum and achievements of the Ministry of National Education, but that the most difficult questions of the last 4 years in which the LGS system was implemented were asked in this exam. Stating that questions were asked in general with the sample questions and study fascicle questions published by the Ministry of National Education throughout the year, KAYATÜRK said: “In LGS 2021, students faced the most difficult exam of recent times. With this exam, Bilfen School students once again showed how recklessly and effectively they work. It is also a pride for us to have 5 first place winners in such a difficult exam. This year, we graduated from Bilfen Secondary Schools with 1681 graduates and 5 of our students got 500 full points and got their names in the first place in Turkey, and we are even more happy that the number of students in the 1%, 2% and 3% segment this year has increased compared to last year.”

Bilfen Primary Schools Deputy General Manager Nurşen KAYATÜRK, who said that she did not doubt that students who graduated from Bilfen Secondary Schools will be placed in Turkey's most distinguished high schools this year, as in previous years, said, “Bilfen Schools, within the scope of the measures it has taken against COVID-19, this year, will continue to provide education and training. successfully completed the teaching process both online and face-to-face. In this process, we continued our distance education program full-time at all our campuses across Turkey. As a result of the investments made in technology and distance education for years, we have successfully carried out the distance education platform and online education with the participation of more than 21 thousand students. Even under these difficult conditions, the tradition of success at Bilfen did not change. We left LGS 2021 behind with our strong teaching staff and the determination of our students. With the results announced, our students once again made us proud.” said.

The names of the 2021 Bilfen students who came first in LGS 5 are as follows:

  • Ada COŞKUN / Private Bilfen Çayyolu Secondary School
  • Veli Kaan SEREN / Private Bilfen Çayyolu Secondary School
  • Ceylin ALAK / Private Bilfen Ataşehir Secondary School
  • Gülfem EKİZ / Private Bilfen Camlica Secondary School
  • Muazzez Göksu ÖZER / Private Bilfen İskenderun Secondary School

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