2 Wagons Will Be Placed Next to the Airplane Restaurant in Aziz Duran Park

A wagon will be placed next to the plane restaurant in the saint standing park.

2 wagons will be placed next to the Aircraft Restaurant, which Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality brought to life in Aziz Duran Park. President Yüce, who gave the good news in the assembly, said, "We bought 2 wagons by saying that it is not possible to put a plane in the park and not put a wagon. The wagon is one of the important symbols of our city. One of them will be a restaurant and the other will be a library. We will complete it as soon as possible and welcome our guests.” Wagons with a length of 26 meters and a width of 3 meters will be located next to the aircraft.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring new social areas to the city with its projects. Another place where citizens can have a good time will be built in Aziz Duran Park in the center of the city. Explaining the details about the subject at the Metropolitan Assembly, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said that 2 wagons will be placed next to the Uçar Restaurant, which has gained the attention and appreciation of the citizens before it starts its service.

“The wagon is one of the important symbols of our city”

Expressing that one of the wagons will serve as a bookstore and the other as a cafeteria, President Ekrem Yüce said, “Our Sakarya is the center of the wagon. Not putting the plane in our Aziz Duran Park and not putting the wagon

would not have. The wagon is one of the important symbols of our city, an object with good memories for us. The center of the wagon in Turkey is Sakarya. We started work on this issue and bought 2 wagons. One of these wagons
The wagon will be a cafe, and the other will be a bookstore, that is, a library. While reading a book in one, drinking tea and eating in the other. sohbet we will. We will place a wagon cafe 20 meters from the plane and a wagon restaurant 20 meters away. We are currently in the design phase, this project will suit our park very well. Hopefully, we will complete it as soon as possible and host our guests here.”

26 meters long, 3 meters wide

According to the information given by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department regarding the details of the project, each of the wagons will be 26 meters long and 3 meters wide. These wagons will be placed at a distance of 20 meters from the Uçar Restaurant. The received wagons will be placed in the region after the project design process. Aziz Duran Park is expected to be one of the most preferred social areas of the citizens after the projects start to serve.

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