Who won the Renewed Bursa City Hospital Metro Tender How Much?

Who won the renewed bursa city hospital metro tender and how much
Who won the renewed bursa city hospital metro tender and how much

To be honest… It is known how slow the Ankara bureaucracy works in the tender processes. But, Bursaray The tender of the project, which will extend the last stop from Emek to the high-speed train in Balat and the City Hospital, has been progressing very fast for two years.


On October 27, we announced that the tender decision was taken for the first rail system project undertaken by the Ministry of Transport in Bursa on October 2020, 18, after the last Deputy Prime Minister, AK Party Bursa Deputy and President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Inquiry Commission, Hakan Çavuşoğlu, informed.

9 out of 6 companies invited to the tender held in 4 days, participated in the tender Söğüt-Taşyapı partnership We reported that he earned 1 billion 607 million 824 thousand liras with the information of Çavuşoğlu.

After that…

City Hospital Metro The foundation was laid on April 2 with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Adil Karaismailoğlu.

So what…

The work stopped when the Council of State canceled the tender. On April 28, AK Party Bursa Deputy Dr. We included the information of Mustafa Esgin that "a new tender will be launched within 1 month, and the duration will decrease from 42 months to 24 months".

On May 2, we announced from these columns that the new tender will be held on May 5 and 6 companies have been invited.


That tender was held in Ankara on Wednesday, May 5th. Tender, as on October 27 Söğüt-Taşyapı companies he joined together again and made a joint offer.

Their offer of 1 billion 950 million 628 thousand 508 lira 85 kuruş was the best offer and was approved.

Besides the…

The partnership of Söğüt-Taşyapı, which gave 27 months on October 42, promised to complete it in 700 days this time, shortening the duration of the new tender, which was aimed at 24 months, to 23.3 months.

When the tender is finalized after the objection process and the Public Procurement Authority review, the company whose site is ready will start the job immediately.

Does the Court of Accounts examine the Council of State for the price difference?

In the first tender for the City Hospital Metro on October 27, the best bid was 1 billion 607 million 824 thousand TL. When the Council of State canceled, the best bid in the second tender on May 5 was 1 billion 950 million 628 thousand 508 lira 85 kuruş.

Thus, the tender price increased by 342 million 804 thousand 508 liras.

Now the question is:

I wonder if the Court of Accounts, which audits and interrogates public institutions, examines the Council of State because it causes an increase in the price with the cancellation of the tender?

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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