New Toyota Proace CITY Electric Goes On Sale

New Toyota Proace CITY Electric
New Toyota Proace CITY Electric

While Toyota carries environmentally friendly and alternative fuel energy resources, especially hybrid, to its cars, it also increases its zero-emission options in the light commercial vehicle segment. The new Toyota Proace CITY Electric will stand out as a powerful model in the compact van segment with high sales in Europe. First in Europe in the last quarter of 2021; Proace CITY Electric, which will be available in Norway, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and England, will gradually take its place in other markets.

The new electric powered light commercial vehicle will be offered in both the panel van and the 5 or 7-seat Proace CITY versions. Depending on the user's preference, the 4.4-meter standard and 4.75-meter long wheelbase versions will also be included in the model product range.

Proace CITY Electric

Proace CITY Electric, which is also assertive in practicality, reaches the loading capacity of conventional Proace CITY models. Accordingly, it will offer 800 kg loading and 750 kg towing capacity to its customers in electric versions.

All Proace CITY Electric models have an electric motor producing 136 HP (100 kW) and a front-wheel drive drive. With a battery with a capacity of 50 kWh, a range of around 280 km can be reached with a single charge, while the maximum speed of the vehicle is 135 km / h. Proace CITY Electric, whose 0-100 km / h performance is 11.2 seconds when the power mode is turned on, also manages to meet the performance expectations in the light commercial vehicle class.

Proace CITY Electric

Proace CITY Electric, which stands out as a reliable choice for fleets and small-scale businesses, will also offer an ideal solution as it can be used in low and zero emission regions that are increasingly common across Europe.

Proace CITY Electric will also be part of Toyota's goal of increasing zero-emission vehicle sales in Europe by more than 2025 percent within the brand by 10.

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