Yedikuyular Ski Center and Its Vicinity End of Season Cleaning

Spring cleaning at Yedikuyular ski resort
Spring cleaning at Yedikuyular ski resort

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality carries out seasonal cleaning at the Yedikuyular Ski Center and its surroundings, one of the focal points of winter tourism.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality continues its cleaning works throughout the city. In this context, the last address of the construction equipment and teams under the coordination of the Environmental Protection and Control Department was the Yedikuyular Ski Center location. Detailed cleaning was carried out after the ski season ended at the facility, which is one of the favorite regions of winter tourism. All kinds of household, plastic and packaging wastes are collected and sent to the Kürtül Solid Waste Integrated Facility and separated for recycling. Excavation waste was also removed from the region with the help of construction equipment in the facility, which was prepared to serve throughout the year with Bungalov Houses and Bedesten Bazaar.

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